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This is one of the most popular posts from my old blog – originally posted in August of 2013!

I created this calendar as I was training to improve my time on the POPAT, as required by my (then) job in law enforcement.

I shed a few pounds, and improved my performance.

Recently I’ve been doing minute exercises. (So for a minute each, I’ll do a minute of push ups, sit ups, plank, etc). Now that I’m getting stronger, it’s time to work on increasing my numbers with good form. As far as work is concerned, this means Sit Ups, Running, and those dreadful Pushups.

This also means not letting others watch me workout / fail make me nervous. Most of my struggle with the POPAT is that we have to do this in front of all our our coworkers / peers. When they are all placing bets to see who can run it the fastest, and who will be the slowest, it sure can be stressful to not be one of the top performers. So I’m working on shaking those nerves! I’ve started using the gym at work when I know other people will be there. Next step is running the POPAT course with people around… I’ve been running it on my own for a while – and I do pretty well when I’m by myself, or with one good friend who is there to be my drag dummy / timer.

Here is my goal calendar for September! Want to join me?

Note: On the push ups, “# / x” means do that number of full/good form pushups, then max out on my knees.

September Workout Calendar | September Workout Schedule | POPAT Training | Police Law Enforcement Workout

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