why didn’t I have this sooner?

Howdy friends! I’d like to say my absence from blogging is because I have so much crazy awesome things going on, but I can’t. It’s actually because sometimes we’re really boring. Right now is one of those sometimes.

I mean actually Marsh just spent 10 days in Germany and we started watching a third baby 1-2 days a week so that’s not boring!

But I DID want to pop in and tell you a little more about a few products I’ve been sharing recently!

The Dock a Tot has been f a b u l o u s for both my big kids (hah. 8 months old) and the littlest! I wish so badly that I had these when the twins were newborns! For the twins, I love having it on the floor when Bentley is rough housing like a mad man and Bethy is just chilling. I’ll lay her in it just to keep him from crushing her on the play mat. And for Colby who is not even three months yet, it is the most amazing place for him to sleep! He falls asleep so fast, and I can easily move it anywhere in the house which is a GODSEND when you’re juggling three napping babies!

The other is the Binxy Baby! I stopped counting how many people have asked me about this at the store! You should stock up on these just so you have the best baby shower gift! The kiddos LOVE them!

One of my sweet friends from our stay at the NICU is the creator of Honey BaeBee which sells these awesome teething toys! They are the perfect size for their little hands and are super easy to wash! I love that ours even has a whale on it. I’m slightly obsessed with nautical things if you hadn’t already noticed.

Make sure to check out DockATot and Binxy Baby on Instagram, and Honey BaeBee on Facebook!

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