what saturdays are for

brunch. beach. hair appointments. manicures. massage. bbq’n. rest. date night.

nope. laundry. nope. laundry.

nope. our my saturday was full of laundry. and cooking & cleaning. I mean, I am pretty proud of myself – breakfast, lunch & dinner were all made before noon. dishes included.


ok but for real – I’m trying so had to wrap my mind around the concept of the fitted sheet.

does anyone actually know how to fold those things? Oh, you do? #freak

it’s not pretty.

honestly though, all of my chores today were nothing compared to what M accomplished.

ladies and gents, may I present. hard wood floors.

Coastal Cottage | Beach Bungalow | Bamboo Floors

if I ever talk about home renovations again, pinch me beat me and help me look for a pretty new perfectly move in ready humble abode.

don’t get me wrong. i’m incredibly impressed with my husband’s ability to do all things DIY. it’s super cool.

but can we talk about my patience for a second? I had some no patience before this all started… and now? is there such a thing as negative patience?

the honest reason that all of my chores got done today, is because when the floor starts getting ripped up and the doorframes are getting sawed out…

I retreat. full on tactical retreat. I grab all the clean laundry and hide in the bedroom with the dogs.

end result? Laundry folded AND put away.

like I said, #winning

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