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Whale Tail Door Knocker | The Salt Water Blog

My whole life, I always loved this whale tail door knocker that my grandmother had on the front door. My mom says that it was on the front door of every house they owned, and it made the move when my grandparents retired to Wilmington, NC. 

My mom was always sad that when my grandparents sold their home, and moved into a retirement home here, that the whale tail didn’t go with them. Fast forward a few years, and now I live here in Wilmington. For a while, I wondered if the people living in my grandparents house still had it. I thought certainly, after this many years, it’s been replaced.

So I did a little digging. I stopped by the house one day, and there it was! So I knocked on the door! I said something along the lines of… you probably think I’m crazy, but this whale tail, it belonged to my grandmother. My mother would love to have it back – can I buy you a new one? 

She looked a little puzzled, but then she said “Your grandparents were the Krings, then, right?”


Turns out, she knew who my grandparents were. She had a few newspaper articles that she had clipped and saved, about my grandparents involvement in the Senior Center here in town. 

After a brief walk around the house, where she showed me all of the things she had since updated (which was weird, seeing my grandparents home, not look quite right), we went to the store and bought her a new door knocker.

We took the whale tail off her door, and I left. She was as sweet as could be, and said that though she was always fond of the whale tail, she loved knowing that my mom would have it back.

This was just before the Holidays – and I was so happy to give it to my mom as a Christmas gift!

I’ll probably never be able to find such a great Christmas gift for her. But there’s not much I love more, than going home and seeing my grandmother’s door knocker, on our front door!

Looks pretty wonderful, don’t you think?

Whale Tail Door Knocker | The Sale Water Blog

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