wednesday wonders

Well, if today doesn’t feel quite like a Monday morning. #survivalmode

The twins have decided to reject sleep today so in between screams, I’m doing all my best thinking.


ONE I’m not sure how long it takes a pumpkin to totally rot and decay, but what I really want to know is why two of our pumpkins are rotting and one looks as great as the day we bought it. Disregard the fact that our pumpkins from halloween are still on the front porch. Our Christmas lights are still up, too. I am not ashamed.

TWO Do you have Netflix? Did you appreciate That 70’s Show? You should watch The Ranch. Ashton Kutcher, in all his Kutchery glory.

THREE As Bentley was sitting in Marshall’s lap babbling away, I jokingly said that he wanted to tell dad all about his day. Marshall replied with Now look, the courthouse is one place I don’t want you to end up. Unless you work there. One time, daddy went to the court house, and it didn’t turn out so well. Story for another day. Hah!

FOUR On that note, we went to the court house today! Someone thought I’d make a good juror. That someone didn’t consider the fact that I’d show up to the court house with my 5 month old twins. I win! #excused

FIVE I don’t sleep a lot these days. But when I do, I’m getting better sleep than I was before! Part of that is, I’m no longer massively pregnant. But the other part is the mattress. The big box retailers (and prices) just weren’t cutting it. We took what I would call a risk and ordered a new mattress from 4Sleep – which (for half the price) ships a new mattress right to your front porch. Almost a year later, I still look at my bed and have to fight every ounce of my being, not to climb in. It’s. So. Comfy. And my back loves it too!

SIX I love Bitty + Beau’s Coffee something special! We’ve accidentally started a little twin club there, and it’s pretty much the bees knees. They treat us like royals, the coffee is great, and the staff are like your new best friends! If you’re in town you should totally go visit but maybe you could get your office to make Bitty + Beau’s the official coffee of your workplace!!

SEVEN I actually wrote this for Tuesday Tidbits. Like most things these days, I didn’t get to finish it. Alas, I give you, Wednesday Wonders!

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