Top Baby Registry Items On Amazon

Hey Mommas! As we prepare for baby #3 due in April, we are on the hunt for everything we need, and we want to find everything as quickly and as simply as possible. Truthfully, being baby #3, we don’t need much. Newborns in general don’t need much. But if you’re creating a baby registry, you’ll definitely want to add a few of the items on this list.

Here is a list of the top 10 nursery items we found on Amazon. Because 1) easy ordering and shipping and 2) amazon literally has everything I need and I don’t need to make a million orders from a million different places.

  1.  Ubbi Diaper Pail – We used a regular trash bag and can with the twins and ultimately ended up getting this diaper pail. Many of our friends had complaints about a bunch of other styles, but we love the Ubbi and our friends that have it love it too!
  2. Diapers + Wipes – This seems like a no brainer, but Amazon actually goes above and beyond and offers a diaper subscription service. With twins and another on the way, we’re all about convenience!
  3. Changing Pad – No, you don’t need one. Yes, you can change your baby on the floor or the bed. But save your back. We definitely recommend this changing pad. We just have ours on top of a dresser!
  4. Changing Pad Covers – There are a ton of these, but we like the Burt’s Bees ones the best. They wash up easily and have kept their shape well over 18 months. We only have one! You don’t need a ton of these.
  5. Muslin Swaddles – There are a ton of different sleep sacks, and swaddle wraps, but we liked the old fashioned swaddle blankets the best. They wash well, don’t have any velcro that wears out, and grow with baby. Our kids used these until they were rolling over and could un-swaddle themselves. And they have stayed in such great shape that we don’t need any more for our new baby!
  6. Auto Rock + Play – Emphasis on the auto. Serious lifesaver. Our twins had acid reflux and sleeping in these rock and plays kept them slightly elevated which solved a lot of our night time problems! And the ease of a plug in and power button. You’ll thank me. Don’t skip the auto rock.
  7. Sound Machine – These are great not only for white noise but also for lullaby-type sounds. We run one anytime the kids are sleeping, in addition to a fan. The only downfall to an open concept house – noise travels. So we love having sound machines to drown out the noise so that we all get good naps!
  8. Whale Lovey – I really need to order like 10 more of these. Our kids won’t sleep without them. But having small blankets makes travel easy. And we can even take them in the car. All the slobber, baby vomit, and snot has washed right out of these. Can you tell I especially love items that wash well?
  9. Arm + Hammer Washing Soda – Speaking of washing well, this is my secret. We’ve never had formula or baby puke ruin our clothes, and this is the trick! We just add it to our laundry with our regular detergent, and everything comes out great. This is also our trick for keeping our bath towels like new!
  10. Dreft – Our other laundry trick. Not a trick, per sayyyyyy, but definitely part of the solution to our trouble with eczema and sensitive baby skin. Not to mention it smells sooooooooo good!


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