thoughts on thursday

I got bored with seeing five on friday posts so I thought I’d switch it up a little bit for your – not quite end of the week  – reading pleasure. take it or leave it… it’s all I’ve got!

  1. I don’t like this new Instagram stories feature. I also don’t like snapchat. negative nancy, I know. But can’t things just be what they were designed to be?
  2. As much as I dislike reading, I’m super interested in the new Harry Potter book. Maybe this is one I’ll need to buy on CD to listen to in the car. (gasp) you the blogger hate reading? better believe it! I can read blogs all day long. I think it meets my needs to be on to the next topic in less than 20 minutes. I can blog hop all day long, and read about 100 different things. that’s my kind of reading! but hand me a novel? a real book? Psh. it will be lost faster than you can say
  3. I’m stuck in between we’ve got everything done and ohmygah we’re not ready for babies – not one bit! Yesterday we got the pack and play that we’ll use in our room when they first come home. #realitycheck
  4. – this just in – belly shake sneezes hurt. really hurt. sorry babies. time to wake up.
  5. I’m beginning to hesitate to schedule doctor appointments. blood work in 4 weeks? uhhh I may not be able to move in 4 weeks. Can we plan on a maybe?
  6. I refuse to mom-chop my almost long again hair. but I’m feeling the need to cut and color before babies get here. and maybe a manicure. lest i never leave the house for any sort of pampering ever again.
  7. Starting to wonder if babies are growing into my back. All I hear is about how small I am for being ~31 weeks with twins. And simultaneously – the back pain is getting worse and worse. Is it possible?

ok that’s all I’ve got! Happy almost end of the week!


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