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As the twins get older, it’s getting harder to get out for errands, but also more entertaining for them when we get there. So most times, when we go to Target, we go with a friend! safety in numbers. But, not today! today I graced target with the circus all by myself! Champ. 

So while it might take us two hours to get out of the house, they are definitely starting to enjoy seeing different places! So, it’s worth it! 

Today we took our second trip of the week to Target, then tacos at Moe’s, which ended promptly when they made it verrryyyy clear that it was time for a nap. Come on ma, schedule!

I’ve also learned that in addition to sleeping in their cribs almost full time now, they don’t mind playing in there either! so most days I put them in one crib together, while I get myself and the diaper bag and… well the whole circus… ready to go. Today I came back to find these joyful babes just laughing away! 

I take so many pictures. But in my defense, there’s two of them. And, well, they’re cute! biased, yes. But come. On. 

Happy Wine (thank the lord) Wednesday, friends!

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