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I’ll tell you what. The great debate of summer 2017, so far, has been strollers! Here’s where we are… We’ve had the Contours Options Elite from the start. And I LOVE IT. Like 98%. It is absolutely perfect for managing two kids, of any age. The only downfall, which we only learned recently, is that on a long walk… that sucker is h e a v y. It’s not technically a jogging stroller. So while the size is perfect for errands, or being in stores, it’s not great for my new hobby of 7am long walks. And in the evenings when I’m losing my mind, I wanted nothing more than for Marshall to be able to take babies WITH him when he goes for a run. Alas, we had a problem.

So I’ve been searching and searching. And for now, we’re trying out this yardsale find! It’s the Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger! While it’s not the one I would have chosen initially, I took advantage of a steal on the Facebook Marketplace, and picked up this one. And I have to say, for the $60 I paid for it, I’m pretty dang happy! It turns on a dime, it’s light as all get out, it has an awesome parent console tray (which I’m happy about because I dropped my entire cup of coffee right at the start of our walk the other day, and almost cried).

There are 2 cons to this stroller so far. But they are totally liveable. First, the side by side seat is one seat. There’s no bar in the middle to separate the kiddos. So, you can see in the picture above, the kind of fall into each other. Not a big deal, since they are the same size. But if this was a 2 year old and a baby, this would be tough. Also, this stroller will stay in the garage. It does collapse if we want to take it in the car, but it’s not the most mom-friendly collapse and fold. Also I’m the captain of the minivan brigade, but this stroller takes up over half of the trunk. No can do. So for the mean time, our Contours Options will stay in the car for errands, and the Jogger will stay in the garage for our long walks and runs. I’m totally open to finding a better solution! So that’s the end of this chapter in the stroller saga. Who knows… I might make more changes soon.

Bentley bear is totally crawling! He can get across the room… which means we’ll be baby proofing now. Yip-ee. I love these cards so much! The Milestone Twin set is adorable, and has all the perfect cards for us to look back at pictures and celebrate these big baby moments!

The mommy gods have blessed me with a sweet new neighbor, with a baby girl 4 days younger than the twins! #playmatesforlife We’ve been enjoying morning walks together, swapping houses for play time, and even playing in the baby pool! That is, until Elizabeth body slammed Bentley, and pool time ended abruptly, with angry angry children. #wetried

Well, naptime is likely almost over, so I better go get a few more things accomplished before the monsters attack! Happy Wednesday, friends!

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    Hey! I think I see where B started it by having his foot on Miss E!

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