Sorry my house is a mess

I’m sorry my house is such a mess… we’ve been busy playing. 

A sweet friend recently reminded me that the dishes will be there tomorrow. The laundry will be there in the morning. And it’s just fine to eat leftovers. Better yet, islands has dollar tacos every night… Forget cooking.

They are only this young today. Tomorrow his smile will be a little different, what keeps her happy will have changed.

In a few months I won’t be so excited about them rolling over, because they will be crawling all over the house. A year from now they will be running all over the park, and I’ll barely be able to keep up.

A few years down the road he will be more worried about how many goals he scored at the last game, and we will be busy shuffling her off to the next ballet class.


I know all of this because I know that five short months ago my biggest concern was how many millilitres they took from a bottle. Whether or not he maintained his temperature overnight. How many grams she had gained since her last weight check, and hopefully none that she had lost.

And then of course just a few months before that I was worried about the paint colour on the nursery walls, exactly where the cribs would go, how many onesies and and how many colours I should stock in the drawers.

And right before that I was busy trying to convince my physician that I would be working full time until I delivered at 38+ weeks.

So for right now, I’ll join them on the floor. We can go for another walk around the neighborhood. I can chase socks and toys and dog bones all over the house. I’ll go get the next bottle and the next diaper, and then the next bottle and then the next diaper. And then I’ll join them for a little bit more playing before another nap, where I’ll prepare the next bottle.

The dishes can stay in the sink. The dogs can play in the mud. The laundry will have to wait. It’s just time to play.

Because I’ve already learned that you should never put the baby to sleep… They always wake up just a little bit older.

Now I’m sorry, but I have to run. He has rolled on top of her again, and she is grabbing his face…

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