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Baby bath time in this house has quickly turned into baby shower time. The twins were off to a great start when we came home from the NICU but each bath since has become more of a struggle. So, we got a little desperate thought we’d give something else a try and decided to just take babies in the shower! I think between the white noise of the shower and being held the entire time, bath time has become fun tolerable once again!


gotta tell ya. I wish I had baby skin. soft. smooth. flawless. I won’t even tell you about their eyelashes. #notfair You’d be so jealous. Let’s just talk about their skin… for now.

Within a few days of being home, our sweet Elizabeth was covered in baby acne. It got a little bit worse each day, and at one point it had even gotten to her eyes. Not wanting to use medications, but desperate to help a girl out, I did a little digging.

My sweet friend Allison had heard about the wonders of Aveeno – I immediately tried it out! We had been using Johnson + Johnson baby products in their baths once a week, and while it worked well on the greasy hair, we’re pretty certain this product is what had her poor skin going so crazy.

So I went to Target #duh and picked out the Aveeno Soothing Relief Creamy Wash.

Y’all, I’m not even joking. Within ONE HOUR we saw a huge improvement in her skin! All of the redness had completely disappeared and the acne was even starting to fade! By the next morning, it. was. gone. With just the faintest hint of baby acne on her back, I counted this a success! The following bath, we used the same product, and the next morning, every bit of the baby acne was gone – and it hasn’t come back!



Now, here’s the even crazier part. During my pregnancy, and ever since they were born, I’ve been dealing with some wretched skin problems. After a few appointments with a dermatologist, prednisone (twice), we still haven’t solved the problem. BUT. I got a little desperate and tried using the baby wash. Don’t you know… I got my first solid, less itchy, night’s sleep in WEEKS. It hasn’t solved the problem, but my skin definitely improved immediately after using this wash!

I love this product simply because it works. But I have to mention – I love it a little more knowing that it is tear free, fragrance free, paraben free, and hypoallergenic… and all the allergy sufferers of the world said #amen

Another product I’m excited to try is the Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Nighttime Balm. I’ve noticed some dry patches on their legs and a tiny bit of cradle cap on their scalps. (not to mention the mess I’m dealing with myself). I’ll be sure to share my thoughts on this balm as well!

So – here’s the coolest part. Aveeno and I have partnered to host a giveaway! If you’d like to win a gift from Aveeno, share this post on facebook or instagram and tag us in the post. We will select a winner next week!

Huge thanks to Aveeno for sponsoring this post!

*Product information provided by Aveeno Baby. All opinions are my own!*

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    We love Aveeno! Worked well with my sons mild exzema. Had to try something more intense for my daughter though.

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