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Guys, I’m killing it with the song title references here lately.

However, not those kind of shots! Disappointed? I know.

Unfortunately, the shots of which I speak are of the needle variety. The tear-jerker kind. The welcome to the world, sweet little two month old precious gems. Let’s piss you off kind.

So I thought I’d toss that little milestone into our first of many Tidbits on Tuesday. Oh the creativity.

ONE Photo evidence of a good experience at the pediatrician. We love our sweet doc. It’s those dang nurses with that box-o-needles we aren’t quite friends with yet. Our nurse was sweet as pie, but not quite as gifted with the vaccine pixie dust as our wonderful NICU nurse was! This was when we first got to the doctor’s office, conveniently placed in the #hulksmash room – appropriate for how we all felt post-vaccines.


The good news? Babies are growing fast and catching up with their full term newborn counterparts! And guys, they’re almost on the growth charts! #negativepercentiles #preemielife

TWO Did I mention we are TWO MONTHS OLD?! Actually 9.5 weeks. I know. Catch your breath. Prince Studley is 9.4 lbs and 22 inches tall. Princess FussALot is not far behind him, weighing in at 8.6 lbs and 21 inches tall! #wereamazons #whatcanisay #futureswimmers

img_6920 img_6899

THREE Halloween took the Pumpkin patch to their first ever par-tay! Our sweet pumpkins did so well, hanging out late night with Uncle Taylor! I think Bentley may have found a buddy. Tag along closely, sweet little prince. Uncle Taylor will teach you to hunt and fish!


FOUR Crooked photo documentation of Grams’ most recent gift to babies. Which is really a gift to momma-bear. #praisehands Y’all we have a swing! And it vibrates! And it sings songs! Side note: Whoever invents baby toys, can we get some real music in these things? I mean lullabies are cute and all but actually Rock-A-Bye-Baby is slightly dark and dreary. I also think it plays On Top of Spaghetti. Which must just sound seemingly similar to a lullaby. I just can’t figure out which one. Anyone?


That’s all she wrote, folks! Stay tuned, we’ve got a pretty lovely G I V E A W A Y coming up!

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