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Sitting here with a snuggly little 8 week old (what?) all snuggled up on me, my mind is racing with things of less importance, but still a seemingly large place in the rapidfire that is my brain this morning. My mind tends to work in the same fashion as Lorelai Gilmore’s mouth. More on that later. I thought I’d share.

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  1. It would seem we have hit a growth spurt. Both babies ate a ton yesterday and last night, and Sir Bentley who last ate at 5am is still asleep in my arms at 10:30 am, with the small exception of a little fit he threw around 8. Quickly forgotten and back to sleep. Princess also slept great last night, and while wide awake now, is as happy as can be. All in favor of growth spurts? Aye!
  2. It would seem I’ve been Gilmored. With the approaching Gilmore Girls round dos, I stumbled on the Gilmores on Netflix and quickly started with season 1. I watched Gilmore Girls before, but it was only ever when I happened to catch it on weekend TV. I didn’t watch it regularly. So I’m reliving my teen years and trying to figure out if Rory is going to end up at Harvard, or Yale. And who is this Paris chick? Fool. Also, I think I might be team Jess. No, Dean. No, Jess. Ahhhhhhh who knows.
  3. It would seem that Christmas picture outfits are exponentially harder to plan when you toss two kids into the mix. I can’t believe that last year’s pictures had a stress level of: dogs. Now, we’ve got two babies!! I’ve got my eyes on a white one piece hooded fleece with ears… which would make matching mom and dad relatively easy / not important. Also if the babies are in said white one piece hooded fleece with ears, not a soul will care what mom and dad are wearing, anyway . Sounds like a solution.
  4. It would seem that there are a lot more NICU moms who think I am a lot less crazy than I was lead to believe. I’ve connected with a few NICU moms after I shared our experience on the blog, and I can’t even explain how much I love meeting people who truly understand where my head’s at.
  5. It would seem that my mother-in-law should actually be famous because I’ve heard from a million billion people about where to get their hands on those pumpkin outfits!

Well, easy like Sunday morning, folks! I’m off to keep snuggling Sir Bentley, who is bound to wake up soon and realize how hungry he is. In which case I expect a face similar to…

Halloween Costumes for Babies + Twins | The Salt Water Wife

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