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This morning I’m coming to you from my new favorite work place, The Post Cafe here in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina! With great coffee and a ton of snacks and meals to choose from, they’ve also got local artwork, coffee mugs, shirts and hats, wine, and gifts and accessories to shop while you’re here!

And, you can’t beat this view!

The Post Cafe | Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina | The Salt Water Blog


Raise your hand if you have 23489345653876 pictures on your phone!

Liar. You should totally be raising your hand right now.

I’d bet the average gal has WAY too many photos saved on her phone.

If you’re like me though, you don’t necessarily want boxes full of 4×6 prints of your pictures.

On the flip side, I’m also not one to sit down and make a whole scrapbook, complete with perfect background pages and stickers.

With ever so perfect timing, Natalie, of At Home With Natalie, (my favorite blog… you should go follow her!) put up a post about her favorite photo album app – where you can take pictures from your phone, and put them in an album that is sent straight to your door! (AKA Christmas gifts… you’re welcome).

First – read her post here. (Hint: she’s got a discount code!)

Now, I LOVE taking pictures. Ask marshall. he finds it to be borderline extremely annoying.

Me? There’s nothing I love more, than sitting down at the table with my parents, a good cup of coffee, and old pictures.

It is SO much fun to look back and see photos of my pop pop at my dad’s age, or my parents when they got married, or my uncle when he was little, hanging out at his grandparents house. Even just baby pictures of me and my sister – to look back and remember old pets, old homes – it’s just so fun!

Call me crazy, but I take pictures with the thought of one day, my children are going to see this, my home growing up, the clothes we used to wear, the ferry boat rides we used to take, and they will get to know more of me, and more of what makes us, us.

So, thanks to Natalie, I’m now a SUPERFAN of Printastic, an app that you need to go download on your phone right now!

I chose the pictures from my phone basically from our wedding through this year. So it’s pretty much a 2015 book. Now, I plan to make one about once a season. You could even make one for a certain holiday, a specific vacation, use it as a baby book, etc. Tons of possibilities!

I can’t wait to look back through these one day!

Take a look at the one we just got in the mail! It’s about 12×12, and the print quality is great! It’s obviously not going to be like professional photographer prints, but it’s a small book. So no worries! Even some of my out of focus images turned out pretty great in here!

Printastic App on iPhone | The Salt Water Blog Printastic Photo Album App for iPhone | The Salt Water Blog

The album is about 12×12 – and you can choose the structure of the front cover. I chose this 4 image horizontal strip.

Printastic Photo Album App | The Salt Water Blog

I love that you can layout the pages with as many photos as you want. The pages with one large image look just as great as these collage pages!

Printastic Photo Album App for iPhone | The Salt Water Blog

Printastic Photo Album App for iPhone | The Salt Water Blog

These photo albums will be great to put out on our coffee table! I’m so excited to have a variety of albums on the shelf one day.

Go check out Natalie’s post – you’ll see great examples of how she made albums for a vacation, and to use as a baby book! She even has a discount code! Make sure you use it to buy your first album!

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