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Before kids, we had a rough patch with our dogs that had me in serious fear of bringing any other living being into this house, let alone a human one! I mentioned that I don’t know how human moms do it – I couldn’t even make it through being a dog mom!

A sweet friend told me… that’s why we drink wine!

How do you plea? No contest.

It doesn’t take too long some days, before I’m raising my proverbial white flag – surrendering to the small ones. My motto – if they are clean, and fed, and clothed, it’s been a successful enough day.

And some times, you just have to put the small ones to bed, and enjoy that glass of wine.

Alas, I give to you, a prettier way to drink your wine!

My sweet friend Kristina from Painted By The Shore, who made our tote bags and our Twins’ First Christmas ornaments, has knocked it out of the park with her new Moana Collection – available on Etsy! Kristina is a Salt Water Wife from up north – the beaches of Connecticut!

The Moana Collection


The Moana Collection

The Moana Collection

The Moana Collection

My favorite is this stemless wine glass set! I have stemless glasses and these would be a perfect addition! Because also why not feel pretty when you’re sitting on the couch in your jammies drinking wine…

And in the spirit of small business and new releases, I’m super excited to share this new tee, available for a limited time only! All the tired moms rejoice! We know you feel super blessed to have your little ones to love on, and we also know you are really really tired! These are available for pre-order for 20 days, and will ship when the order closes!

Extremely Blessed and Incredibly Tired | Mom Tee | Mom Life

DarkGrayTee Blessed2Blessed3Blessed4

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