potato casserole

While this is easy, it made me feel like a champ of a chef. Give it a shot! Was delicious, and Marshall approved! 🙂

Potato Casserole and Breaded Baked Chicken


For the chicken:

1) Prepare a bowl of 2 (stirred up) eggs, and a plate of breadcrumbsmixed with your seasoning of choice. I mixed Montreal Chicken seasoning into mine.

2) Cut 2 chicken breasts into a few thinner pieces (I cut each one into 3 pieces)

3) Take each piece of chicken, cover in eggs, then roll in the breadcrumb/seasoning mixture, and place into a baking dish.

4) Do this until all pieces of chicken are in the dish. Top with light salt, and pepper, and whatever else you’re feeling good about, then bake at 350F for 30 minutes.

For the potato casserole:

1) Peel two potatoes. Once all the skin is gone (trash that) keep peeling the potatoes. As much as you can until you can’t hold onto the pieces anymore. Then you can chop up those pieces, or trash them.

2) Take all of your peeled potatoes and spread them out in a large baking dish. (I used a 9×13)

**In between the layers, and at your discretion, add salt and pepper for flavor.

3) Top with (at your discretion, and feel free to swap things out!) a handful of mozzarella, and handful of cheddar.

4) top that with 1/4 of a chopped onion, and 1 bunch of chopped scallions.

**In between the layers, and at your discretion, add salt and pepper for flavor.

5) I topped it with a string cheese that I peeled apart just to make it look fancy.

6) Top with a few dashes of garlic powder.

7) Pour just enough milk into the pan to get it to the bottom and throughout the potatoes.

8) Bake at 350 for about 40 minutes.


Let me know how it comes out!

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