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I’m so excited to share a new local project with y’all today! If you don’t live here, you may not know that Wilmington was recently home to a thriving film industry. Though it has recently dissipated thanks to some unfortunate decisions by our state politicians, there are still plenty of people in town making new projects and keeping the film industry hanging on. My sweet friend Megan has appeared in commercials and shows and is now taking her shot at a feature film called Drought. I hope you’ll follow along and support the creators of this film as they reach to increase Autism awareness and support women in film.

Megan Petersen & Hannah Black are Wilmington filmmakers with the hearts to make a difference. Right now they are in the middle of a competition that could cause their impact to go nationwide and make them Hometown Heroes. You can read more about their story and learn how to join the Drought team, HERE.

As a Wilmington native, Hannah has seen the ups and downs of the film industry in our town, as well as the under-representation of women in both cast and crew roles. Rather than be discouraged by the lack of productions in town or frustrated by the inequality, they decided to take matters in their own hands. After writing, directing, and producing 6 short films together, they were inspired by the power a story on the screen had to move people and change someone’s perspective.

As a former teacher of children on the Autism spectrum, Hannah has always been inspired by their unique view of the world and their overlooked abilities. She was also moved by the siblings of these children; how they loved, stood up for, and truly became the unsung heroes of their family. With Autism still very misunderstood, Hannah & Megan created Drought to raise awareness, and highlight this beautiful sibling relationship.

In Drought, you will meet Sam; a recent high school graduate living in a small southern town with her younger brother Carl, who has Autism. The year is 1993 and very little is known about Autism. Afraid of leaving Carl alone, Sam decides to combine her own passion of film-making, and her brother’s love for weather, and chase storms in hopes of creating a better life. The only problem is, the south is in one of the worst droughts in history. With the help of their best friend Lewis & estranged older sister Lillian, Sam convinces the gang to help her steal their mom’s ice-cream truck and chase a storm in the mid-west. Along the way they find much more as they learn about forgiveness, acceptance, and following your dreams.

Hannah & Megan are currently in a competition called the Hometown Heroes Rally hosted by the website Seed&Spark (similar to KickStarter). There are 73 teams in the running to qualify to win. On October 13th, the top 10 teams will have the opportunity to pitch to Hollywood Producers, The Duplass Brothers (HBO/Netflix). This is a chance of a lifetime – and it’s where you come in!

They are in need of FOLLOWERS – which is free and only takes about 20 seconds. As it is also a fundraising competition, they appreciate any amount if someone is in the position to give. Spreading the word, following, and contributing will result in Autism awareness, jobs in our community, and opportunities for women in film.

Don’t wait! Give them a follow today. Let’s rally around other women who are pursuing their dreams to make a difference! Find them on Seed & Spark HERE!

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