my one word: deeper

If you don’t know about My One Word – I definitely suggest that you learn more! Rather than tackling a long list of New Year’s resolutions, our pastor encourages us to focus on one word, all year long. One word that we can apply to ourselves in any circumstance, rather than new rules about every single bad habit. Mike even has a great book about the concept that I totally recommend!


It’s the same every year… Have you chosen your word? And I stutter, and flush, and shake in my flip flops. Nope! Still thinking!

You could ask my husband, and I’m sure he’d say I could be a bit sweeter, less snarky. More passive, less aggressive. More water, less coffee. More veggies, less pasta. Weirdo.

But this week my word for 2017 hit me with a whack in the face. Is there a stronger word for whack?

In August we welcomed our sweet twins to the family! They’re bright eyed and bushy tailed, they drool a lot and are pretty much awesome! We spent some time in the NICU but overall, everyone is healthy, happy, and never sleeps! As it should be.

In a rough patch post-babies, I relied on a friend to talk me through some struggles. Until that moment I would have told you that Marcy was one of my closest friends. And through a stressful conversation, the hardest part was the moment I realized that someone I called one of my closest friends, knew nothing about my heart, where I was struggling day to day. But here I was, finally breaking that wall down, and crying to Marcy, finally being 100% totally honest. I was sharing the worst parts of me, and surprise surprise, she loved me through it. She let me cry. She helped me smile. And she helped me to work through what my next steps would be.

I learned that I need to be way more honest and upfront with Marcy, and friends in general. Many of my friendships are surface level at best. There are very few people who know me; really know me – right down to the nitty gritty.

So, My One Word for 2017? Deep. I need to stop being the surface level (attempting) super mom and start getting real with my friends and really doing life together. They say it takes a village to raise kids; and I believe that it does. But it also takes a village just to be you. We aren’t meant to do life alone. So let’s make 2017 the year of the nitty gritty! Getting deeper.

PS. I’ve met and heard from quite a few friends and readers (of our NICU post) lately that have gone through miscarriage. I wish I had the words to reach your heart and meet you where you are struggling, but I don’t – though I’m always here to listen. I do however know somewhere you can go. Natalie, a sweet blogger-friend of mine, has opened up and shared her walk through miscarriage. I’ve already sent a few friends to her blog, and I hope you’ll take the time to do the same.

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