Milestone after milestone…

Most days I still can’t believe we have twins. I usually think there’s no way we already have these babies! And to think they are nine months old today, just blows my mind!

I take a ton of photos and blog our journey. But one of my favorite milestone markers is the Twin Set of Milestone Baby Cards! Complete with a card for each age, early weeks to months to one year old, and physical accomplishments such as sitting up or saying momma for the first time, these cards are a super cute way to document babies’ first year!

We got these cards when the babies were six months old, and I was so bummed I didn’t find them sooner! We missed using the rolling over, first smile, and the today we came home cards. That would have been such a fun way to celebrate coming home from the NICU. 

We are 9 months old today! We love to sit up on our own, and play in our jumpers. We are both very close to crawling!! We like our fresh fruits and vegetables and are growing fast. Elizabeth is 17lbs and Bentley is 18lbs! This week we wore mom and dad out with a great big cold and cough, and ear infections. We love the pool and are so excited for summer!

You can order these cards in all sorts of varieties! They have a pack for baby, and a separate pack for twins, pregnancy, toddler years, and even for a wedding! This would make such a great baby shower gift! I can’t wait to look back at these cards and our photos when the kids are grown. What a memory!

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Big thanks to Milestone for sponsoring this post! All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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