I can’t get enough of the shiplap! Call me Jo, but the I was raised in an Amish town shines through in all it’s glory when it comes to decorating my home. My end goal is always a coastal – would fit in a beach house – plan. But you can bet your bottom dollar there will always be a little farmhouse touch.

Enter shiplap.

One of our next projects in the house is to tackle our dark and dreary foyer. Our front hall has no windows and the front door is a solid chunk of sunlight-rejecting blah. There’s literally no natural light. The entry walks you past all three bedrooms, so you could say it’s also a bit tight and closed off.

The goal here is to brighten things up a bit… make the space feel bigger than it is.

Our first plan is to paint the front door wall the same stripes we painted in the nursery.

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The bright white really opens up the space, and the mint keeps things consistent throughout the house and –gasp– you guessed it, beachy.

The side walls will be shiplapped halfway to a trim, and then painted a light gray the rest of the way to the ceiling. I plan to hang coat hooks along the trim, and down the road add a storage/cubby style bench to add a bit of a mudroom touch.

I’ve been browsing stalking Pinterest for all the DIY Shiplap posts, and have found a few great pictures for inspiration as we plan out our foyer do-over!


We have to check with our HOA before we change the actual front door, but if we can, I plan to get something with windows. I love the idea of a solid stained wood door, but if we have to keep our current door, I’ll just re-paint it white to match the walls.

I really love the anchor hooks on this plank wall. You can find similar hooks here.


It’s a little more lake-y than beachy, but I’ve always loved the idea of decorating with wooden paddles. Might be the life-long camper in me, but I think it’s a fabulous touch!

This is also a great cubby style bench! I love that each kid could have their own basket for their shoes, or to toss extra things in as storage.

I love these baskets for the whole house, but could definitely use them in a foyer bench!


I love this one because we also want to go with a bright white color with our wood floors. I hadn’t even thought about a runner for the floor but I love this one! Sometimes simple is best, and I think this rug looks great next to the plank walls!

Guess I better wrap my mind around starting another house project. #cantstopwontstop


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