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Starting off the year with a baby on the way is a sure fire way to dive into some serious nesting / life organization! Alas, I bring to you what I’m calling Get It Together – an organizational series for your life and home.

We always say this is the year I’m going to… but really, every month of every year I’m just trying to keep a decent grip on life’s crazy; and if we’re really doing well, maybe even accomplish a little extra.

So for 2018, I’m going to try my best to make the changes I want to make in our lives and in our home that will make life more simple, and maybe a little easier.

I wouldn’t go as far as to call myself a minimalist, but with baby #3 on the way (and we all know babies come with STUFF) I’m finding myself with a desperate need to organize our days, and declutter our home.

For our January installment of our Get It Together series, I welcome you with Chapter 1.

Get It Together - An organizational series from The Salt Water Wife to lead you through life and home transformation throughout the year.

Get It Together – An organizational series from The Salt Water Wife to lead you through life and home transformation throughout the year.


If you take on too much, you set yourself up for failure. So I’m beginning January with just two simple steps.

ONE. MAJOR CLOSET PURGE – I’m challenging you (and doing the same thing myself) to go through your closet, and your kids closets, and do a major purge. I did this by creating three piles.

a. Mom – the clothes I’d send home with my mom for her or my sister.

b. Consignment – clothes I’d try to sell for profit at our local women’s consignment shop.

c. Goodwill – clothes that I knew wouldn’t sell at the consignment shop, but were still in good enough condition that they might be useful to someone else.

The cool part is, if you can set aside just a few hours, you can go through an entire closet and clean out! I’m of the belief that if I don’t ABSOLUTELY LOVE it, it goes. That means you should be able to decide real fast whether or not you’re keeping an item.

Note – I used to be the kind of person that would hold onto clothes in many different sizes with the idea that I might just lose that 20 lbs, and fit into these cute skinny clothes again. If that motivates you to make changes, GREAT. But for me, it was just more stuff. I also find myself in the middle of the unknown bod phase of life, where I’m just perpetually pregnant, or postpartum, or just not quite back to myself yet. This means I’ve got no time or space for clothes that aren’t perfectly comfortable, and ridiculously flattering. All this to say, I’m now the kind of person that only wants to keep clothes that fit perfectly and look awesome. If I get real skinny down the road, I’ll address the need for a new wardrobe then.


Our second challenge in January is to make a plan for the rest of the year. With a fresh planner, I’m making a space each month to list my major organizational task to accomplish, meaning 10-12 big projects will *in theory* be done by the end of the year. Your list might look way different than mine, but here’s what I have so far:

*Knowing that babies change everything and life is about to be b a n a n a s, this list is tentative. Major super duty tentative. And the control freak in me is just going to have to be ok with it.

  • January – Closet Purge
  • February – Big kids room Switch / Nursery Set Up
  • March – Freezer Meals Stock Up
  • April – Pack Hospital Bag and Set Up Childcare Plan
  • May – Survive being a mom of three. Nope, not joking. That’s my goal.
  • June – Kitchen Cabinets / Refrigerator / Pantry / Oven
  • July – Twins Birthday Party Planning & Set Up
  • August – Front & Back Porch Clean Up
  • September – FLEX (Accomplish things we couldn’t get to)
  • October – Laundry Closet Re-Organization and Possible Re-Do
  • November – Addresses & Contact Info / Christmas Cards
  • December – 2019 Planner Set Up

Something important to remember is that if you set up too many goals, or projects that are too big or detailed, you’ll risk feeling over-committed and not accomplishing anything. Life is as busy as you make it, so make life organization the easy part! Keep it simple, so that you can keep going.

I always like to add FLEX days into my planning. Whether it’s a flex month like above, or a flex day each week – a day dedicated to catching up is so important. Even the most organized people run into obstacles and days that keep them from getting everything done on that to-do list! So give yourself some buffer room.

Well, that’s my plan for the year! Some of these things might seem useless to you, but we each have our own list of things that help us stay on top of life’s crazy! Let us know in the comments below what sort of monthly tasks you’re planning for the year, and don’t forget to check back for our monthly updates on each project!

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