hit me with your brick shot

Oh the brick wall front porch. Our perfect little photo op location. As I call them, brick shots.

I give to you, our most recent i-phone-to-shoot images! Enjoy!




Have I forgotten about the blog? No. I promise. It’s just that… well… there’s two of them. And by the time it occurs to me I should have shared a blog post today – I’m so past tired its comical. I think #TrueLifeImATwinMom should actually be a reality TV show. People would think we were crazy. It would be so popular!

Then there was Sunday, where we went to see Santa, and I officially decided of all the things that need to be shared on the blog, this is it! I give to you, our first visit with the Claus!


At some point in the near (near enough that it won’t feel like I forgot about my blog again) future I’ll be sharing our sweet 2016 family photos from the lovely Magnolia Photography! Stay tuned for adorable babies and a half alive looking mom and dad!

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