He who giveth

Please taketh away.

I mean the good lord gave us chocolate chip cookies? Can’t he take away the calories? Take them away lawd jesus.

Gave us pregnancy. Can he take away the barfing, and the PUPPS? Have you heard of PUPPS? It’s basically an auto immune response that is mostly your body saying I HATE BEING PREGNANT LET ME MAKE YOU SUFFER. I’m starting to see a few signs that I might be dealing with PUPPS again this pregnancy. And I’m all like take it away lawd jesus. take it away.

Speaking of being pregnant… preggo was craving brussel sprouts. Maybe having such a healthy craving is a sign of healthy full term pregnancy! Give it to me lawd jesus. Gimme that full term baby.

We hijacked our family photos this Christmas in a strong effort to save the mulah. I must say, the photo-tradesies with our neighbor bff’s worked better than I thought it would. Much thanks to my not completely morbid abilities to edit a photo… I’d say we scored a solid 3/10 for photo quality. And no one cried. And no one jumped off the dock. Back to the regularly scheduled programming when it comes time for Ruthie’s newborn photos. Momma ain’t trying to handle that one alone. But for now, a solid family christmas card!


Our Christmas tree is on the front porch and I have to say, I don’t hate it. and all the southerners said, amen. Too many curious little hands have landed our ornaments on the fireplace, our stockings on the windows, and everything else a solid 3.5 feet above the floor. Turns out we actually have some pretty tall babes. But our front porch, all merry and bright, shall be the source of festive this year.

I’m thinking about re-launching the etsy shop for instant download home prints. What say you, friends? The t-shirts are super fun, and I’ll continue those! But in the mean time, the rest of my creative bubbles are-a-burstin’…

That that that’s all, folks! Til next time…

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