grocery shopping with twins

I could never make a complete list of all of the questions I get when I go out in public with the twins. I have a lot of smarty pants answers, but my husband reminds me I need to be more passive, less aggressive. 

Are they twins? No, I stole that one. 

Oh is it two boys? Two girls? Bow. One of them has a bow. 

Wow! A boy and a girl! I guess you are done now, huh? Actually we’re working on building a whole football team. 

Are they natural or did you do IVF? 

Can I touch them?

Oh boy do you have your hands full!

Why don’t you wait until your husband gets home from work and you can do your shopping alone?

There it is! Why don’t I wait until I can do my shopping alone? Because that will n.e.v.e.r. happen. Plus I don’t think having a zoo should mean one of us has to be home being the zookeeper all the time! I also love that by getting the kids out in public a lot, they will hopefully learn the art of behaving in public way faster! 

So I literally had to catch my breath when I saw these buggy hammocks online! Binxy Baby hammocks are the most genius parenting tool I have EVER seen. Especially for all the twin moms! 

I love that the babes are totally comfortable, but are still held up high enough that all of our groceries fit underneath them. And for moms of one, think about how much MORE buggy space you will have!! They are easy to use, and roll up small enough that even two of them fit right into the diaper bag. 

There are a ton of cute patterns to choose from but ours is the Grey/Aqua!

So in addition to the normal round of questions, I got a few more!

Do they even fit on the Target carts? I wouldn’t love them if they didn’t!

Is it easy to use? Yes! I had both hammocks on the buggy in about a minute. The buckles work similar to any baby seat/swing. There is even a separate strap if you want to put the infant carrier in the hammock. 

Where’d you get that??? Shop here!! Using this link you can get 10% off until May 31, 2017!

I’m super excited to keep using these for grocery shopping / wandering target. A happy baby means a happy mama. TWO happy babies?! Well let’s just thank Binxy Baby for that. 

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