gender reveal & 17 weeks!

Twin Gender Reveal | Twin Pregnancy Announcement | The Salt Water Wife Blog

Twin Gender Reveal | Twin Pregnancy Announcement | The Salt Water Wife

We can’t even believe it! 17 weeks may not seem very far, but if we aren’t half way, we’re close! And this week, we finally shared that we are welcoming one little boy, and one little girl to the family! SO MUCH JOY!!

Since I’ll likely only go as far as 37/38 weeks, but could always go earlier, we’re basically trying to get everything done by August 1st. It’s crazy to think about, but with twins, there’s always the risk of delivering early.

Of course we want to make it to September, but it sure would be tough if babies came in August, and we weren’t done with the nursery, stocking up on supplies, etc. So we’re totally in GO MODE!

I was so excited when I went to find these sweet signs for our gender reveal photo. I went straight to Dragonflies! Their staff is so wonderful, and when I told them what I wanted, they had the exact items in mind! I left with these signs, which were totally perfect! It was tough though, because they have SO MUCH cute stuff that was hard to resist. But, we’re on a budget and are about to be on a tighter one. So, I kept my strong will and resisted the temptation!

Make sure you follow Dragonflies on Instagram, too!

So, 17 weeks, how are we doing?

Marshall finished the floor and baseboards in the nursery, and now we’re all ready for paint! He’s getting everything taped up and ready to paint, and then we’ll be off to pick out the colors! My inner Joanna Gaines is shining through… I don’t have too much of a design ability, but gosh darnit this will be the cutest room in the house!

I’m still feeling pretty good! Really easily exhausted, but overall doing well! I’m looking much further along than 17 weeks, but hey, I’ve got two in there! I love the looks on people’s faces when I tell them I’m not due until September!

Most popular question: Yes, I’m still working! We’ve got a car to pay off, so I’ll be working as long as I possibly can to not only pay off the car, but add to our savings as much as possible. We’re going to have a whole new budget with these babies, and only one income. So yes – I’m working until they tell me I can’t!

Second most popular question – nope, we aren’t sure about names yet. We’re prettyyyyy sure, but not 100% confident just yet. We’ll share, I promise!

17 down, 20 (hopefully) to go!


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