five on friday!

Well, yes, it’s Thursday. But I’m taking a preemptive strike on tomorrow’s to-do list. So here it is – five on Friday!

  1. Fraternal Twins | The Salt Water Wife | Twin Pregnancy Announcement

    Fraternal Twins | The Salt Water Wife | Twin Pregnancy Announcement

    I was looking through pictures, and found this gem! When I had the energy and intentions of doing weekly updates… HAH. That tanked real fast when the tired actually hit. I knew pregnancy makes you tired, but I pretty much thought I was dying. Can you die of exhaustion? I think know it’s possible. So this was cute. A little 8 week, not showing, just fat, bumpdate – if you will.

  2. Second Trimester Bliss. Bliss I tell you. Sweet bliss. I suddenly feel like a human again! The exhaustion isn’t gone, by any means. But I’m not falling asleep mid-sentence anymore, and that’s nice. I’m not sounding like a drunk in conversations anymore from being deliriously tired, and that’s also nice. On the flip side… the heartburn has begun, and begun with a vengeance. Also I happen to have somehow injured my foot, and get to spend some quality time with an orthopedic surgeon… so I’m real excited for that. Sense my sass there?
  3. 60 Days In. Have y’all seen this show on A&E? It’s about a Sheriff’s office that put 7 civilians into jail as “inmates” to see what they could learn about the jail’s drug and violence problem. I keep getting caught between this is cool but totally fake and I’m totally judging this jail and their staff for how untrained and unsafe they are. #formerofficerproblems But seriously – the lack of training… makes me cringe.
  4. Hotlanta. Next week I’m headed to Atlanta for a two day sales meeting and training for work. I don’t like cities. I don’t like long road trips. But I do enjoy the rare opportunity to get together with like-minded individuals and team up to share ideas, and learn from each other. I wish employers offered more opportunities to learn and grow. A lot of people would probably be a lot happier at work if they were given the proper opportunities to succeed! #justmytwocents
  5. Today I made another crock-pot lasagna – it’s one of our favorites! If you haven’t given it a shot yet – check it out! It also wins points for the still tired, but not dying, pregnant lady not having to actually physically cook dinner with any effort. It automatically got an A+ for being simple. It got bonus points for being #hungryhusbandapproved

There it is! Five on Friday! Tell me what you have going on – anything fun??

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