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finish. reflect. plan. hope. pray. rest. believe. wonder. discover. decide. prepare.

even my quiet time is jam packed!     ok but seriously…

most mornings, now that I have my own car again, I’ve been stopping at the dock for some quiet time by the water.

I feel very strongly about the importance of quiet time. Sometimes just for a moment of sanity. the calm before the storm.

sometimes I need to think. to prepare for my day. to contemplate a decision. an idea. a goal.

last week at church we started a new series, called which reminds me. we’re talking about finishing the past, numbering our days and truly living in the present, and preparing our hearts for our future.

with the start of a new year, comes a time to start fresh. begin a new chapter. but, you can’t truly move forward if you’re hanging on to unfinished business of the past.

so my morning quiet time recently has been intentionally applied to ending with the beginning in mind & beginning with the end in mind.

I’m trying to put myself in a place at the end of this year that will be beneficial to the start of 2016. trying to complete what we started this year.

sorry mike | but one thing I cannot finish this year, is my work on the word I chose for 2015. If you aren’t familiar with My One Word, make sure to check it out. You see – I totally forgot my word. #fail

I’m sure I had good intentions. A good idea. A relatively hopeful plan. Yet, here we are.

I’m just now starting to think of my word for 2016. I have no idea what I’ll end up with (it should probably relate somewhat to… remember, focus, tryharder) – but I know that I need to prepare better to stick with it.

The past few years, I’ve really ended on a good note. I’ve closed each year content, with where I am, and with who I am becoming.

mike says | the best way to deal with the pressure of the present, is to rest in His presence. I think this is why I’ve been able to end each year so content recently. these past few years, I’ve been able to rest in His presence like I never have before. 

This has helped me to keep my eyes forward, and my hopes high. 

So, once again, feeling good about how M & I are closing out 2015, I’m encouraged to look ahead to 2016! I think it’s going to be a great year!

I’ll be using my quiet time for the rest of the year to narrow down, and choose, #myoneword2016

we’re finishing well. we’re encouraged. we’re happy. we’ve got room to grow. we’ve prepared our hearts for it.

have you?

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