fancy beans on toast

I’m not a huge fan of beans… but I LOVE this recipe! It’s also #HungryHusbandApproved – M is constantly asking for Molletes for dinner!

I actually learned how to make these after my mother in law made them for us in Winston Salem. She is an amazing cook!

Marshall loved them, and I loved that they were actually pretty simple to make! Worst case? Burnt toast.

Recipe | Molletes | A new recipe on The Salt Water Blog

  1. Heat up and mix (to a smooth texture) 2 cans of your choice of beans. We usually use a Bush’s Baked Beans, or a Pinto Beans.
  2. While the beans cook, chop 2 tomatoes, one bundle of green onions,  & one handful of cilantro.
  3. Shred cheese of your choice. (we use a bag of shredded cheddar, or pepper jack)
  4. Toast Bread.

To put together each one of the Molletes, follow these steps:

  • bread, toasted
  • butter the bread
  • layer of beans
  • layer of tomatoes
  • sprinkle onions
  • sprinkle cilantro
  • sprinkle cheese

Cheap, simple, and usually gives us enough for leftovers! 

This is definitely one of our go-to recipes, since it requires things we usually have laying around in the kitchen already!


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