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We love living at the beach. And 9 months of the year, we love living in a tourist town! Because for the off-season 9 months of the year, it’s a rather pleasant place to live! But it’s not just tourist season, it’s the 4th of July. And unless you bought your ferry ticket a month ago, you’re probably (like me) dealing with the 4th of July at the beach traffic. Tonight I went for our usual it’s friday night lets pick up tacos which usually takes about 10 minutes round trip. It took me 25 minutes to g.e.t.t.h.e.r.e. Ugh. Fun fact: our new favorite “let’s be tourists in our own town” spot is Squigley’s Ice Cream. Anywhere I can get butterfinger and cinnamon bun mixed into ice cream is obviously a winner. 1st place winner.

  1.  The twins are currently only eating things that moderately resemble cheerios. So I’ve resorted to trickery. They’re persistent little buggers. Let me tell you what. The level of trickery required to deceive them is un.be.lie.vable. See above photo: diced tomatoes and cheerios. But hey, it works! Of course as I write this, they are happily downing a taco. Splitting a taco. So they’re each eating half a taco. Whatever. Yay veggies!

3. B + E are ten months old! This brings a great amount of growth, which brings along a great amount of them demanding independence. #dontyoudarespoonfeedmeicandoitmyself This is fun to navigate. Especially because they are still working on feeding themselves, and they get very frustrated. Which is both frustrating, and funny.

4. We’ve been walking 2-3 miles every morning with our new neighbor friends, and oh boy! My arms are jacked from lifting 20lb weights constantly, but my legs have taken quite the beating. It’s also usually a good 45 minutes to an hour of quiet babies. #andallthemomssaidamen Except that one time where Elizabeth waited until we were all the way down to the water to start throwing a fit which she maintained the whole way home. drama queen. We’re loving our new jogger, but I’m also excited to be teaming up with Evenflo this summer, so I’ll have some feedback for you soon on their Twin Minno stroller!

5. Saw something of the sort on pinterest and brought the whip it good to our own kitchen. If you know me well, you know there ain’t much whipping going on in this kitchen. I’m not the fanciest feast-er there ever was. But this makes looking at the bills slightly more entertaining. Slightly.

6. Why did no one have the decency to tell me to watch Moana? Last night Marshall and I found ourselves on the couch with kettle corn enjoying the latest Disney installment, and I’ll just put it out there. A little bit of me wants to be Moana. More than a mermaid.

Happy Friday, friends! Take a peek at my friend Kristina‘s shop for some fun summer gifts (for yourself). Or for me. I like these. And these. Because we’re big fans of wine around here.

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