e l e v e n m o n t h s 

My sweet babes are 11 MONTHS OLD!!! How is this possible? Next month we will be celebrating their first birthday! 

Bentley bear has two teeth, and is starting to stand up holding onto furniture (if we’re being honest here, he’s legitimately scaling the coffee tables)! He loves cheese and black beans, and crawling all over Momma and Daddy like a monkey. He thinks everything is funny and is very easily entertained. We’re currently working on not playing in the fireplace. 

Princess Elizabeth is still waiting on her first tooth, but smiles that gummy smile a lot more these days! She is a lot more cautious of people, and prefers to stick with Momma and Daddy. She loves to hold her own bottle, and eat scrambled eggs with daddy every morning for breakfast! She can almost stand up when holding on to furniture, and can always be found right next to brother, her favorite place. 

Mom and Dad are almost keeping up with the babies, and enjoying sleeping through the night again! We can’t wait to celebrate their first birthday with everyone next month!

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