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Sometimes in life, like you know when you’re expecting twins, there’s this general sense of


and sometimes that’s a lot to handle.

Just this week it hit me scared the bejeezus out of me that we’re going to go to the hospital. We’re going to have two babies. and at some point, sooner than we probably realize, they are going to send us home. Alone. To manage two babies. By ourselves. Unsupervised. And they will trust us to keep these babies alive.

And that is scary. Like real scary.

So yes, we know people with kids. There are people we can talk to. People we can connect with. But sometimes it’s better to just jump into a group. Particularly with a bunch of people with kids under a year old.

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So our church recently launched a Parent Network, and one spawn of this genius was a Phase One Moms Group. Alas – my people!

So the room is spread with newborns and crawlers and walkers and inbetweeners.

AND MOMS. Breast feeders. Formula feeders. New parents. Moms of one. Moms of armies. Moms who have it easy. Moms on the struggle bus. Moms who might be driving the struggle bus – who really knows?

And, well, me. Big ol’ wobbly heffer style pregnant, me. Who had questions about c-sections and the NICU and will I die if I try to breastfeed two babies and more questions of similar life/death variety.

And it was perfect. Because I might be going crazy about how delivery will go and what will happen after that and a million other things. And I got to spend an hour in a room with moms who are… still alive. Thriving even!

And that was encouraging!

I’ve participated in small groups, I’ve volunteered. But this. This reached me.

So I’m excited today for a new community, and opportunity for new like-life-timed friends.

Friends who inform you that the entirety of Parenthood is, in fact, on Netflix.


So I’m curious? What do you do to stay connected? Are all of your friends in the exact same phase as you? Are you surrounded by family? How do you keep it all together?

Don’t have it all together? Me either. Let’s be friends.

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