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Most days, you’ll find me at The Post Cafe – working next to an open window, overlooking the edge of the ocean. It’s peaceful. Beautiful. The stuff my dreams are made of. And recently, I noticed a touch of charm, that just makes this ‘office on the go’ so complete. A subtle yet perfect plant, on the windowsill – indoors, but getting the salty air and sunlight from outside.

It’s a coastal succulent, and I’m o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d.

The Coastal Succulents | Landscaping & Interior Design

The Coastal Succulent | Landscaping & Interior Design

A lesson about a west coast plant, from some friends in LA, turned into an east coast business when Thurston & Brandon turned succulents into a lifestyle item with a coastal design. Now they have their product in local boutiques, larger wholesale venues, and even weddings, where centerpieces become party favors for guests. win-win. #askmehowIknow #bridezillasunite

I think we try to specialize in customer delight more than customer satisfaction – anyone can satisfy a customer. But if you’ve delighted a customer, you’ve done something really special.’ – Thurston, The Coastal Succulent Thurston & Brandon | The Coastal Succulent

To them, the delight comes from a customer happy with the design of the completed project – from the jar, sand & soil, to the tag on the outside complete with a shell from right here in Wrightsville Beach! They have paired these elements together to create a perfectly natural, weathered, nautical look.

The Coastal Succulent | Island Landscaping & Interior Design




We wanted to be ahead of the curve – these plants don’t typically grow on the east coast. So to most people here, this is new and unique. 

Thurston & Brandon spend time working on custom interior and landscape design for the home and office, and are now booking weddings and larger events to feature succulents as centerpieces and decor.

And my favorite concept for those of us with green death thumbs, is their monthly service. You can buy your little heart out and put these beautiful plants all over your home and landscape, and (for a monthly fee) they will come monthly to maintain the plants. Which makes it what I like to call hands off landscaping – my favorite kind 🙂 The Coastal Succulent | Landscaping & Interior Design | Island Design

I know you want some. If you’re local, make sure to stop by The Post Cafe – where you can buy TCS in multiple sizes and designs.

Also – awesome news for you local students! TCS is actively searching for interns out of UNCW. So if you want to spend a bunch of time with some really cool guys learning and working in a local business, check out SEAWORK through UNCW!

Don’t forget to connect with The Coastal Succulent on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / Website

You can also shop TCS in: Dragonflies, Pine Valley Market, Sweet Pepper Horse Sports, Tickled Pink, and Whole Foods – all in Wilmington. Byrdville Farm Market in Whiteville, A Doll Boutique in Charlotte, Room Service on Bald Head Island, The Post Cafe in Wrightsville Beach, and Whole Foods Market locations in Chapel Hill, Durham, North Raleigh, and Wade Avenue in Raleigh NC. Coming Soon – Edge of Urge, Wilmington NC.

The Coastal Succulent | Landscape & Interior Design | TerrariumThe Coastal Succulent | Landscape & Interior DesignDecorating with succulents | Landscaping & Interior Design

Thank you to The Coastal Succulent for partnering with us for this post! If you’d like to partner with The Salt Water Wife, take a look at our partner page!

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