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OH WEDDINGS. Nothing like a little love soiree to talk me into dressing up. Hair, make-up, shoes. Dress. A DRESS. But there’s just a little something about a 100F day, top notch humidity, and racing the clock that made me say nope. no way. not doing it.

I couldn’t be bribed into doing my own hair for the wedding. So I called up our trusty Brush Dry Bar in Wrightsville Beach to solve my life’s problems. And a problem solve they did. In the glory of air conditioning, gym clothes, iced coffee, and wasting time on instagram, my hair was done to perfection, curls, braids, and all.

The best part, I came home, changed into my dress, did 5 minutes worth of make up that I knew was going to melt off my face anyway, and POOF. Ready for a wedding! The joy.

Well, if you live in the Wrightsville area and don’t have a knack for your own hot hair tools, make sure to check out the Brush Dry Bar and let them do it for you!

And we got to watch these sweet cheeks get hitched xoxoxoxo


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