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BON BINI! Our honeymoon in Aruba in October 2014 created a small whole in my heart, that I now believe will only ever be filled when we go back.

I say when, not if, because by golly, WE’RE GOING BACK. I don’t know when, but a girl can dream!

I wanted to share with you all the little slice of heaven that housed us on our trip of a lifetime, The Boardwalk Hotel.

Boardwalk Hotel Aruba | BONBINI ARUBA | The Salt Water Wife

We arrived on a Sunday afternoon. The office was closed, but taped to our door was the key to our ‘casita’ (house) and a sweet note from the owners on how to enjoy ourselves until they met us Monday morning!

We took a quick walk around the property after settling into our room, then walked to dinner! This place was insanely perfectly close to everything, I think I walked more that week than I had the entire year! Which is good, because I ate my weight in amazing food!

Boardwalk Hotel Aruba | BONBINI ARUBA | The Salt Water Wife

Outside of our casita was a pool, hammocks, and a party hut where the owners hosted a ‘rum-night’ for their guests! It was so neat to meet travelers from all over the world, and to get to know the owners who grew up on the island. And y’all, let your heart gleam with happiness, they hand out rum like water over there. Literally every time you turn around, someone is handing you rum. I don’t know about you, but I think heaven must be like Aruba.

Screenshot 2016-03-07 at 8.17.37 PM

The property is small, so while there are plenty of wonderful rooms to stay in, it wasn’t so over crowded that we were just two of a billion guests. It felt like home… if you were to live in Aruba. Plus you could have them bring you a fresh fruit breakfast to your porch in the mornings. Swoon. Fresh fruit in Aruba is a skazillion times more amazing than fresh fruit in the states. And the pineapple. OH MAN the pineapple.

Boardwalk Hotel Aruba | BONBINI ARUBA | The Salt Water Wife

We were about a two minute walk to the white sandy beaches of Palm Beach, and our favorite breakfast spot, Moomba Beach! Moomba is home to quite the night life, but we preferred the all you can eat breakfast bar!

Boardwalk Hotel Aruba | BONBINI ARUBA | The Salt Water Wife

These photos are straight from their website, but our pictures looked exactly the same. This is actually how beautiful this place was! If you are traveling to Aruba, please consider skipping the all inclusive hotels. Staying in a local place, while cheaper, also allows you to experience the island the way it truly is. Go off the beaten path, shop local, eat local, and have fun!

*This is a feature post about our Honeymoon location in Aruba. All thoughts are my own, and all photos are from the Boardwalk Hotel website!*


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