blogworthy: our first day out on the town

I’m not sure how I mustered the guts to do it, but by golly WE TOOK THE TWINS IN PUBLIC. #gasp OK – catch your breath.

Monday was Marshall’s last day off, so while I wanted to get a few things accomplished that I could not do alone, I also wanted to get out of the house and enjoy ourselves a bit. I mean we’ve been totally having a great time at home, but… y’all. cabin fever is a real thing.

cue the monsoon. legit monsoon. Apparently there was a hurricane we were blissfully unaware of. Want to go on an adventure?

So we put the babies in the car (which sounds so light and airy when you put it that way. this actually takes about an hour and a half) and put the (huge freaking) stroller in the trunk (which later proved to be worth its size, and I love it) and hit the road. and by hit the road I mean we drove 20 minutes to target. Feels like a cross country road trip at this point.

Contours Options Elite | Snap n Go | Twin Stroller | Double Stroller | Copper Pearl | Car Seat Covers | The Salt Water Wife

This is how we roll.

So we went to target! The rain gods saw me, heard me, and must have felt my anger deep within and the rain timed out just long enough for us to get out of the car – into the stroller – and into target. I’d pay for it later though – just you wait.

Oh but why stop there? No, I definitely need a large iced coffee. So I coerced Marshall into stopping at Bitty and Beau’s!

Contours Options Elite | Snap n Go | Twin Stroller | Double Stroller | Copper Pearl | Car Seat Covers | The Salt Water Wife

Then we came home! I last minute (my style) made a vet appointment for the dogs since Marshall was home (I mean can you imagine me taking two dogs and two kids to the vet? Absolutely NO) – and I planned to wait for him at the house.

PLOT TWIST. I ended up with a last minute doctor’s appointment for the afternoon. Right when Marshall was going to the vet. Funny? I think rude.

I counted the vet appointment essential, so I sent Marshall on his merry way with the dogs and I, gusto and all, put the kiddos back in the car, and went to the doctor! Alone! #hearmeroar

We only had one melt down and two stitches. Don’t worry, the stitches were for me. I’ll leave the melt down up to your own guessing abilities.

So we were leaving the doctor’s office (in a giant building of about 10 different offices) and *cue those rain gods* the monsoon came back. worse than before. I found myself standing in the lobby, bargaining with God.

Want to make that rain stop, God? No? Ok. I trust You. 

So I’m standing in the lobby, melt down continuing, evaluating my sanity, and my options from this point forward. I chose what I call the Mike method. I took a deep breath, and folded my hands, until I could recollect myself.

Well 5pm brings the closing of many offices, and as God would have it, I was whacked with the ever present should have trusted me at approximately 5:01pm.

The pediatrician’s office on the first floor of the building had just closed up for the night, and I was about to meet 3 of the NICEST pediatricians in the entire world. They walked into the lobby, helped me evaluate my options, and then themselves got soaked helping me swim the babies and that stroller to the car. I see what you did there, God.

We came home to a wonderful dinner from a friend at church, and ended the day like no madness had ever happened, reminded of a few things:

1. Yes you can do all the things. (but maybe you weren’t meant to handle it all alone)

2. Never underestimate God, or the kindness of strangers.

3. One day we will look back at ourselves in these moments and laugh.


look at them. all cute. calm. sweet. like they don’t even realize what mom + dad accomplished today.


and we ended the night in sweet bliss. prepared to survive tomorrow, with dad back to work.

Curious about how these sweet peaches got here? I’m only 2 parts into our twin birth novel, but feel free to get a head start. Part 3 coming soon-ish. These calm, free, blog-able moments are few and far between.

and then we were home

a babies novel: part 1.

a babies novel: part 2.

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