b-b-b-babies and the beach

Is it terrible? My constant blog title references to songs? Did you catch this one? Maybe I’m crazy.

Possibly because he wanted to, but also possibly just to make his crazy wife shut up, Marsh took today off work to spend some extra time with our suddenly large familia.

And as any beach living family would do on a sunny and 75F day, we hit the sand.

I give to you, pictures of mostly me + marshall. Just know that the babies are tucked in those carriers so technically, I give to you, some family photos.


Muchas gracias to the kind young-ish stranger who took this picture, and clearly disapproved my old lady dubbing by calling her ma’am. My bad, ma’am.


Sweet Bentley, snuggled with me for our walk on the beach, and sang me a lovely tune of squeaks and snorts the whole way.


And Princess Elizabeth just being the daddy’s girl that she is.


He didn’t even roll his eyes… baby go walk to that lifeguard stand. I’m taking pictures.


No waves, no glory my friends. #glory

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