and it was good


  1. God made summer, and He knew it was good. We are glad summer is here! But summer at the beach means tourist season. And tourist season means pool season for us! The babes have been in the poolbabes have been in the pool quite a bit lately, and Bentley man’s bum isn’t a fan. #buttpaste
  2. We took the Belk Mother’s Day gift card and got slippers (for yours truly), that the babes are currently playing with, and tupperware! #adulting – But s e r i o u s l y. Excited over tupperware? We old. In all fairness, the load of small glass tupperware is actually for the babes. Because I’m running out of storage for all the baby food.
  3. Teething? Not teething. Turns out while E may be getting some pearly whites, babes are in fact sick. We’ve got snot on snot on snot and a lovely night time hack that is pretty much just keeping everyone awake. So there’s that. #germs
  4. I neeeeeeed to de clutter. I think we’ll be teaming up with some neighbors for a joint yard sale. I basically want to clean out the closet, baby things we never ended up using, clothes they never wore, and lots of other random things that we’re currently hoarding.
  5. But forget hoarding. We added a few new things to the homestead this week. Well. The carstead. We upgraded the babes to the Graco 4Ever all in one car seat. Their skinny little amazonian legs aren’t quite as crunched anymore and for that, #praisehands. Pretty sure I’m going to be the short one in the family.
  6. Accidentally Totally on purpose but shouldn’t have dropped into an open house of a total d r e a m h o m e and I may or may not have drooled just a smidge on the perfection I found inside. I mean quite literally every single thing about this house was perfect. So if you have $650K or a winning lottery ticket laying around that you don’t really want, our future home fund would gladly accept.
  7. Marshall is doing a better job of spending his free time (than my useless open house attendance) and is building us built in benches for the dining room! I am so not a fan of the mid-construction-project-living but I am totally a fan of the end result of all of his projects. Patient be a wifey. I’ll be sharing the end result photos and building plans soon!
  8. This might be the centerpiece in our dining room after this renovation project! What do you think? #jojomademedoit

Hasta la Tuesday, friends!

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