an update, shall we?


  1. What’s more fun than two babies at the beach? THREE. Our cousins came to visit from Winston-Salem and as you can see, not much makes us happier than getting all the kiddos together! Elizabeth still hates the beach, and everyone else had a great time!
  2. I just watched Beauty and the Beast for the first time, at least that I’m aware of. AND Y’ALL. I’m pretty sure I could watch it every day til the end of time, and I’d be happy. I’m sure I saw it as a kid, but I had no idea what the story was. After, boy meets girl, of course. We watched the new one – with Hermione Granger.Announcement!
  3. I’m coming up on 12 weeks pregnant! It’s crazy how different each pregnancy can be. With the twins I was insanely, concerningly, exhausted, but didn’t really deal with any other first trimester issues. This time?! HAH. The baby gods saw to it that I got to experience the full joys of baby-growing. Barf, vomit, sleep, barf, want to barf, get real upset about nothing. Chase toddlers. Sleep more. Eat? No thanks, barf. And as it turns out…
  4. My asthma also decided to join the preggo-party and tried to kill me this week. Thankfully I made some sweet paramedic friends who trotted me off to make more friends at the ER, and… voila! I am on the mend! Breathing treatments and steroids never sounded so good. And yes, I followed up with the OB the next day and the tiniest Thomasson looks as good as ever! Backflips, somersaults, and all!
  5. I just can’t join the Instant Pot party. I really wanted to, because who doesn’t love 20 minute meals? I do. But it looks so difficult and I’m a tried and true fan of my good old fashioned crock pot. Do you Instant Pot? Crock Pot? Try not to cook? Let me know why I should get the Instant Pot.
  6. I did make this beef stew in my crock pot this week which was recipe-d for the Instant Pot and it was delishhhhh. Check it out and check out more on the Lauren McBride blog. You’ll look better and eat better and decorate your home better. You can thank me later. She’s also pregnant with baby number 3, so I’m pretty glad that she will be a few months ahead of me in the mom vs. three kids game and can share all her great secrets!
  7. I’m still slightly obsessed with Army Wives and it’s kind of become my nap-time show. Again. Because you know this is only like the 4th time I’ve gone through the series. A close second to my obsession with One Tree Hill – both of which are coming off Netflix and Hulu real soon so watch. Fast.
  8. Ok last things last. I have started using the Walmart free grocery pickup even though I fundamentally have a slight hatred for the Walmarts but first, saving money and second, I can literally make my list during nap time and go pick it up in the morning. Don’t even have to take the kids out of the car. Also gives me a good excuse to run through Chick Fil A for a biscuit which is an urge I’ll never fight. Two downsides though. If they get the wrong item, and you say you don’t want it, you can’t just go grab the right item. This is rare, but irritating. Also, they quite literally put one item in each bag, and then double bag all of those bags. Which for the beach community, kind of surprises me. Alas, I’m still doing the pick up because, free.

Today I want you to go check out The Soaring Eagles – my sweet friends Brooke and Caleb have sold everything and are going to travel the world! Make sure to go fall in love with their instagram and follow along on their new blog!

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    You’re so sweet to share my recipe! Glad you enjoyed it!!!!! 🙂

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