all the fall things

did anyone sing that? No? I’m the only one stuck with 1999 blink-182 stuck in my head? y’all are no fun. fun-suckers. ok… anyway

FALL has arrived! Normally I’d be dragging out the last ounces of summer. But after a miserable few months of being extra pregnant in the hot and sweaty summer vibes of coastal north carolina, I’m singing the sweet graces of fall, and all the fall things!

And I may or may not be enjoying completely obsessed with a few fall staples, that I thought I’d share with you. In case you share in my obsessing.

First and foremost. Have you heard of marleylilly? You’re welcome.

I’m completely i.n.l.o.v.e. with The Sawyer Travel Set.

Marley Lilly Fall Accessories | The Sawyer Collection | Travel Luggage Set | Monogram Luggage

I’m a pull-over junkie. Give me a good quarter-zip/snap and you’ve given me the world. So I have all the bright eyes for this Sherpa Pullover!

Marley Lilly Fall Accessories | Monogram Sherpa Fleece Pullover

I said I was obsessed with pullovers… so I’d also like to share my love for their Heathered Pullover. Did I mention how much I love this company? It’s like they get me. I like these two particular pullovers because of their length – 6 ft tall ain’t all peaches and cream. Clothes can be difficult!

Marley Lilly Fall Accessories | Monogram Heathered Pullover Sweatshirt

Also – through tomorrow – you can get a free hat with any $40+ order… so boot scoot boogie on over to Marley Lilly and shop till your internet browsing fingers drop!

As for me and my house, we Bean Boot. All the Bean Boots. Forever + Ever. And their cotton Ragg Camp socks are the best of the best to pair with those bean boots and your favorite leggings.

LLBean Boots | Ragg Camp Socks | Fall Apparel and Accessories | Fall Boots | Duck Boots

And I’m totally not embarrassed to say that I desperately need two of these for the twins for the winter! Yep, we will definitely be rocking these Fleece Coveralls. No shame. So much pride. I’m thinking one of each color? What say you?

LLBean Fleece Coveralls | Infant and Toddler Apparel | Kids Winter Clothing Apparel

So get that pumpkin spice latte and share with me a few of your fall favorites! Rejoice in all the fall things!

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  • Reply Piper Ellice September 28, 2016 at 9:39 am

    I am obsessed with Marley Lilly, too, and all things warm and fuzzy! Why is it still 90 degrees in South GA?!?!
    Piper Ellice @
    Starting Out Southern Blog

    • Reply September 28, 2016 at 9:40 am

      Girl. Same here. We’re rockin flip flops and tank tops here in NC!

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