Well hello, friends! Want to know a bit more about the salt water family?

Here’s Marshall – mighty leader of the Thomasson clan. He’s a smart one, a mechanical engineer by the grace of NC State, and a Professional Engineer by the grace of his own studying. A tolerant husband, a super fun dad, and our voice of reason. The better budgeter, the creator of all home improvement projects, and one heck of a handsome guy.


Then there’s me; Annalee. A beach loving wifey originally from Pennsylvania, who landed in Wilmington by way of Virginia Tech. A bit overly-structured, which worked well in my former job in law enforcement, and carried it’s benefits to my current position as a stay at home mom, or family COO, however you want to look at it. Super fan of babies who nap, One Tree Hill, and flip flops (if shoes are a non-negotiable).


Part one of the dynamic duo – Bentley. A 6 minute big brother, who’s personality moderately resembles Tigger. Happy as can be and never stops moving. Really, never. Even when the kid’s asleep I swear he taps his feet. I’ve seen it. He’s a solid reminder to his sister to take a chill pill, and a constant joy. His favorite things are mom, the dog bed, and our neighbor’s cat.


Part deux de la duo – Elizabeth. A 6 minute little sister, who is ridiculously independent with the attitude to back it up. She isn’t afraid to demand what she wants when she wants it, and lets you know real fast if she isn’t happy. A minute later she will charm you with her still-toothless grin, and a good snuggle. Her favorite things are Cheerios, Dad, and also the neighbor’s cat.