a nautical touch

If you walk through my house on any given day, I can tell you what you’ll see. Multiple loads of (at least, clean) laundry on the couch. Muddy paw prints on the floor. Shoes everywhere. My work stuff piled on the dining room table.

What you won’t see? A perfectly clean beach house straight out of a magazine. I can hope and dream, but no. Our house isn’t pinterest perfect.

Everywhere you turn, though, you will see a subtle, nautical touch.

I thought I’d show you my newest addition to the beach house wannabe!


Love it! This anchor door knocker has been on my wish list ever since I got our whale tail door knocker from my grandparent’s old house. I did a little dance when I found this one at West Marine at Wrightsville Beach! This store full of equipment I don’t know how to use, is also full of hidden treasures like this one, and the boat cleats I used to make a key rack!

We may not have the front page of pinterest, ocean front beach house, but by golly I’m going to believe I do! This sweet home of ours comes together piece by piece. And this is certainly my new favorite piece!

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