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JOURNAL PROMPT | If your children found your journal in 50 years, what would they read?

I’ve been rewatching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy – I’m at a point in the show where Meredith is going through her mother’s old journals.

I got to thinking, what if our future children, find my journals one day? What do I want them to read?

CHALLENGE: Write a journal entry of 10 things you’d want your child to read if they opened up this journal in 50 years.

Number one on my list? I’m currently listening to Justin Bieber. Don’t judge. I could probably make fun of the music you’re listening to right now. Embrace the biebs.

No, I won’t go into all the details of what I wrote. But can you imagine? If my child, at 25, 50, 75 years old, opens up my old journal, that they found in a box in the attic. Better yet… what if my grandchild finds this journal one day? What will their life be like? Certainly it would be interesting to read what their grandmother had to say to them in 2016. 

What will you write?

What you’re doing right this second.

What your life is like.

What you hope for them.

A lesson you learned.

A secret.

A goal.

I’d give just about anything, to read my grandmothers journals. If there were any. 

What a JOY it would be to know her, and her heart, at my age. Or at any point in her life before I existed. What an opportunity!

So, in the midst of all of your normal journaling, I challenge you – go ahead and write one entry, of things you’d want your kids to read if they found this journal one day.

Don’t think too hard about it… just write.

Journal Prompt: If My Kids Ever Found This Journal

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