a babies novel: part 3 // the end

a babies novel: part 1.

a babies novel: part 2.

Ohhh the grand finale! This will be long winded. And I ain’t sorry about it. You’ve been warned.

Part 2 left off on Thursday night, with a nurse who gave me all the apple juice I wanted, and I’m happy to report that my sugar filled self made it to Friday morning for my next round of baby boosting steroids.

Overnight, the nurses helped me rotate from side to side, because the back labor was still shining through and making me dip into that swear jar. Moving at this point required 11 hands and carefully navigating the 32409 wires I was attached to.

With one good position, propped perfectly with pillows (hey alliteration) I managed to get a few hours of sleep and they woke me up at 7am Friday for that steroid shot!  After that the goal was to make it a.n.o.t.h.e.r. 24 hours (sense my mixture of hope and despair at the same time there?) for the steroids to totally reach babies. Otherwise it was just more waiting. Marshall was still asleep, and we left him that way!

By then, I had reached a whopper of a 6 cm dilated. After more apple juice and my 96th round of penicillin, Doctor J showed up (all the praise hands) and she joined the party to celebrate reaching 34 weeks! I made clear that babies would have to be born while she was there (because we love her). My drug induced blood pressure dipped a leeeetle low, and I spent the morning asleep dead to the world. I was told that a low blood pressure (while not scary life threatening low) would help keep all of my body processes slow, which would keep babies in longer. My on again off again shakes were back on, and I was still at a 6 at 930 am.

Around 1 pm, while Marshall was commenting on my contractions graph looking exponential and then linear, exponential and then linear… Doctor J came in and announced that I officially had won the award for slowest.progression.ever7 whole centimeters!

By 5pm Doctor J started to show a little bit of hope and came in to discuss our plan for delivery. Babies were still *thankfully* both head down, so I was cleared to try things the old fashioned way! Here’s where it gets fun!

A Birth Story | The Salt Water Wife | Natural Vaginal Twin Delivery | C Section | Cesarean Section

A multiples delivery automatically puts you into the OR once you reach 9cm. This way, if you have to be flipped into a c-section (#cursewords) you’re already there and ready to go. I didn’t LOVE this, but I knew it was just a planning ahead kind of thing, and that I was still going to get to try things my way.

At 815 pm we had a party with the Kristins – I had two nurses already named Kristin and then a new NICU nurse walked in named, you guessed it, Kristin! She was the first NICU member to really explain to us how things were going to work. We were guaranteed at least a week in the NICU, but prepared for more. She explained how and when I would get to see them, when they would take them from me to go to the NICU, how Marshall would be with them the whole time, and finally how I would get from the OR back to recovery, and then back to our babies. It was quite the plan, but I was glad to go into delivery with a better understanding of what was going to happen. Until then, all I knew was that I wasn’t going to get to stay with them, so that was pretty scary.

– their names –

After the NICU meeting, my nurse put my legs into giant compression-sock-type machines to help increase the blood flow in my legs. I now had full on elephant legs, and couldn’t move a bit. I took advantage of this time to mention to my nurse that I looked and felt like a dumpster. A greasy dumpster. Oh the joys of delivery. *We totally take advantage of walking.

At 1030pm on friday I was told that *tada!* they were prepping the OR and me and my 9 cm would be moving there shortly! After a small field trip down the hall, I was on a cold OR table, under a heap of heated blankets, waiting. I got a bolis (big dose) of the epidural to stop feeling the back labor again

And we waited.

And we had some wonderfully drugged life discussions with our nurses.

And we waited.

And I slept for 10 minutes here and there.

And we waited.

And all of a sudden (sarcasm) by the grace of God, I was at a 10 and ready to push! I’ll spare you the nitty gritty but at 0721am, Bentley Marshall was born! He was swiftly swept away to his NICU friends across the room, and I was told that our sweet baby girl was right as rain and ready to party! At 0727, Elizabeth Nita joined her big brother with their NICU friends, and then the sweet sweet moment came where both babies were brought to me for some good quality loving!

Three days of preparing for what now feels like the fastest hour and a half of my life! At the time I would have told you those minutes were slowly crawling by. But these days I’d tell you that the moments between let’s push! and here’s your babies were in fact the fastest blink of my life.

Down the road I’ll be sharing more on our NICU experience and life with TWINS! Tag along and freak out with me! Just make sure you have a large cup of coffee. You’ll need it.

Take a peek back to where it all began…

a babies novel: part 2.

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their names

gender reveal & 17 weeks!

Yes – it’s TWINS!

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Twin Birth Story | Labor And Delivery | Vaginal Natural Twin Delivery | C-Section | The Salt Water Wife

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