a babies novel: part 2.

a babies novel: part 1.

I know I said I’d be back soon with part 2, but we’ve since learned that time is now irrelevant. So… whenever that was, whatever today is… here we are with chapter dos.

So now it’s Thursday morning! Our specialist walked into the room around 630 – 7am. I remember being thankful (+ impressed) for her dedication to the early morning. She decided that if we could slow my labor down, that we’d go ahead and let the babies come. I was early enough (33+5) that I was eligible for 2 days worth of steroid shots that would help jumpstart babies lungs. After 34 weeks, you can’t get these.

So. How do you slow labor down? First, you pray. For yourself and for those blessed nurses that are going to have to deal with you for much longer now than originally planned.

I liked our first nurse right off the bat. We’ll call her… Kelly. I remember not knowing what to expect other than I knew that the doctors were really only there for the grand finale (and to check in here and there). The nurses were your constant labor pals. I wasn’t surprised, but I was blissfully thankful that we got such a peach  from the get go.

They had me on IV fluids and pain meds already. So we stepped the fluids up a -big- notch. I also was started on (what felt like) a million.5 rounds of penicillin. I think it was actually like 11. So if I get sick anytime in the next ten years, we have a mucho problemo.

Ok so those two days worth of shot in the butt baby lung steroids? Any other day I’d be rallying against a shot in the butt. This time?  hit. me. up. I knew babies needed all the boost we could give them. This was, after all, quite a bit earlier than we had planned to deliver. Shot in the butt totally wasn’t as bad as I amped myself up for. #ificandoityoucantoo This would later come in handy when I learned I was one vaccine short of being released from the hospital!

We’re now at 3pm Thursday (the 25th). The fluids and pain meds were helping me but my contractions were speeding up. The goal here was to slow everything down.

By this time we had traded one of our favorite docs for one I hadn’t met yet. Short version: I decided that this would NOT be the 24 hours in which these babies were born. I was in charge (ha!) and we were waiting for the next doc, who happened to be another favorite. I’ll leave it at that.

With the back labor pains increasing over the pain meds and a not so fabulous encounter with doctor who shall not be named who had the balls to tell me I was only at a 3cm… – I said yelled YES when they suggested the epidural.

I hated getting the epidural so early, but they reminded me that my blood pressure was shooting so high with each contraction that they really needed me to stop feeling them, at least in my back.

Thankfully we got a sweet dad type of an anesthesiologist who was super patient with me. Which is good because I was less than pleasant when I learned we’d have to try again on that epidural because I was shaking so much the first time. Want to be my favorite person in the world? Don’t mention trying again when it comes to a needle in my spine. Also there’s the whole need to hunch over your preggo belly. Have you tried hunching your back over a twin belly? No? It’s ok I’ll just let you know – you kind of can’t.

But actually I really liked him. I’d welcome him with open arms if I were in that same spot again. He’s a magic man. With magic meds. And our nurse Kelly? Well she was meant to be my nurse. Because she picked up real quick that my shaking was more due to anxiety and nerves and less to do with the pain of it all. She had all the right words to help me keep find my cool.

An hour later? I was the happiest girl on earth. Couldn’t feel a thing! Success!

About 7pm Thursday we hit another shift change. Our new nurse, we’ll call her… Courtney, came in and told me our next goal was to make it through the night, so that I would have time to get the next steroid shot for the babies lungs. Her solution? Heavy on the epidural, and toss in an ambien. We really liked Courtney. I had been awake since 6am Wednesday morning… and here we were 36 hours later, talking about sleeping pills. My kind of girl.

We also met our 2nd NICU team. They came up each shift to meet us and let us know who would have each baby… etc. That NICU waited on us through 5 very long shifts!

Marsh was asleep. I was falling asleep. Next goal: get to 7am Friday for the next round of steroids…

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a babies novel: part 1.

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