a babies novel: part 1.

I give to you… the birth novel. Part 1.

(overly detailed and possibly not interesting to you at all. but hey, this blog is more for my own memories. so, in case this meets your entertainment needs…)

On Tuesday morning (August 24th) I went to a mom’s group at church! They invited huge wobbly pregnant me! I had a blast and thought Ahh! Maybe in a month or so, I’ll actually be a mom! This group is going to be great! Plus it was a great (and safe) way to get out of the house. Which I needed. Desperately. Also my friend met me there with an iced coffee in hand. (She’s a peach and I LOVE her)

The rest of the day was mostly sitting and sleeping (par for the course these days)… and suddenly it was Wednesday!

Ever been to Hibachi Bistro? This will forever be known as the last supper in our house.

So Wednesday night (August 25th) I was *again* burning to get out of the house. Go in public. See other humans. Eat all the food.

side note: I had long reached a point where other humans seeing me was almost comical. I usually got a look of horror fueled by their obvious fear that I was about to drop a baby. Right there. In public. That’s what happens when you’ve got two… you look ready to pop at a meager 20 weeks. #entertainmentfactor100

Wednesdays are half price roll days at Hibachi… (even my seafood free veggie rolls) SO we went to Hibachi. I kind of already wasn’t feeling well… attributed it to cabin fever… hence the field trip.

Because of my inability to not talk to strangers, I ended up talking to a sweet stranger new friend about the placemat and bib she had on her baby. Naturally we were facebook friends five minutes later, and we went on to eat our dinner. I ate about three bites because my “cabin fever” was really starting to get to me. I told Marshall I was feeling sick, and we promptly packed up and came home.

Shower. Bed. The usual.

Plot twist: bed + sleep never really happened.

About 830 I laid down and did my usual nightly blog stalking, vlog watching, the daily internet-capades. My back was hurting, so I was tossing side to side.

After a while, Marshall noticed that my tossing side to side was slightly rhythmic. When he asked how long ago was the last one… I started tracking what time I was getting the sharper back pains, and don’t you know… about every 10 minutes.

This wasn’t like oh hey my back hurts. It started that way but turned into more of ok my back constantly hurts, but every ten minutes its actually a stabbing / throbbing hurt. Commence the fear.

A few hours went by and the regular every ten minutes turned into irregular every 10-2-7-16 random minutes. I thought no way this is contractions… we’re good.

But actually not good… something’s still wrong.

Around 130 am I called my OB on call who bless her was so sweet to me… bugging her (in tears) at 130 am. She and I agreed it actually sounded like not labor and that I might have (another) kidney infection. I told her I was going to try to sleep it off, and I’d see her at my already scheduled appointment that morning at 8. But at 430am, when I absolutely couldn’t stand it / breathe through it anymore, we decided to head into the hospital.

*pre-packed hospital bag in the trunk and ready to go! Thankfully!*

10 minutes in the car, and lots of crying later, we got to the hospital. Not many people around at 5am, except for one sweet old man who freaked out with me in the lobby for a few minutes while Marsh parked the car. What a gem.

Real fast blew into triage where Dr. F (one of my favorites… #praisehands) hooked me up to the monitors and said well you’ve got some serious contractions!


Way, dude. Contractions. And my back hurts was actually some serious back labor. Until they could talk to our specialist (having twins makes you a small freak show, you get a lot more doctors), Dr. F decided to admit me, and get me some g-l-o-r-i-o-u-s pain meds, because my blood pressure was out.of.control. which I was told would be my straight ticket to a c-section. I told her we weren’t using those curse words around here… so shoot me up. Pain meds for the win! Contractions be gone! Well, not gone, but… tolerable.

Now we waited. Do we stop it? Do we slow it down? Do we c-section (curse words!)? We waited to make decisions until Dr. F could talk with our specialist. So, we waited. And me? I tried to sleep.

Ok. Babies are waking up. How’s that for part 1?

Check back soon… I’ll continue.

a babies novel: part 2.

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  • Reply Christa September 13, 2016 at 5:57 pm

    Love it!!! Hanging on every word, eagerly awaiting part 2 ??

  • Reply Murray September 13, 2016 at 6:17 pm

    You’re so cute! I can’t wait to hear the rest!

  • Reply Julie S September 13, 2016 at 8:04 pm

    AHHHH I want part 2!! I love birth stories and I love your babies!!

    • Reply annaleethomasson@gmail.com September 13, 2016 at 9:56 pm

      Part 2 will come next time we reach an appropriate level of sleep / sanity haha

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