5 things to be happy about

stumbling across some blogs today, I found a post called “5 things to be happy about today” – because some days, you really just need a reminder that there are things to be happy about!

not every day is sunshine and butterflies. Some days are hurricanes and cockroaches.

so. lets cheer up! 5 things to be happy about today!

  1. I got to have lunch with my amaaaaazing husband! Which we are going to do every Wednesday now, since I won’t be home for dinner. #hotdate
  2. I won’t be home for dinner on Wednesdays, because I’ll be at the church, leading a middle school youth group! This is something that has been on my mind since I was in middle school. #tsunami
  3. It’s cold and I don’t like it, but my hometown is supposed to get somewhere between 2-3 feet of snow this weekend. And we’re supposed to have a crisp 45F weekend. #islandlife
  4. It’s been a heck of a Wednesday, but it ain’t Monday! #praisehands
  5. When all else fails… #coffee

And if I don’t leave soon, I won’t have time to stop for coffee before my night with the middle school youth group. And y’all, 2 hours with middle schoolers? Requires coffee.

Sail on friends! And be happy!

5 Things To Be Happy About Today

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  • Reply Lauren Kligman October 7, 2017 at 1:07 pm

    I do three gratefuls at the end of the day! its a great way to love life a little more

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