29 weeks + ohmygoshcontractions

Well this has been a festive week! Today we hit 29 weeks, and we’re down to about 8 weeks to go!

I woke up Tuesday morning feeling like I needed a serious walk. Except I’m really not allowed to walk any kind of distance. So the rational part of me thought… let’s go to TARGET!

I even told my friend I was going meandering around Target, rather than I need to go for a walk to avoid any don’t do that responses. Bull headed. Yep.

Well, I failed. About half way through our meandering, I was totally unable to keep walking. I was having braxton hicks contractions, which left me completely out of breath, slightly higher than our recommended rate of less than four per hour. Whoops. I found myself in the outdoor section, sitting in a camping chair, waiting for those blessed braxton hicks to reside themselves.

PLOT TWIST – they didn’t. So, we huffed and puffed, checked out of Target, and got in the car to come home. I knew I’d be calling the doctor, and I thought there’s a good chance I’m going to the hospital right now so I got my priorities in line and stopped for a quick bite to eat.

When I got home, I called the doc, and since the BH had calmed slightly, my BP was plenty low, and I was otherwise feeling great, they decided I didn’t need to head to triage. #praisethelord

Instead, we booked an appointment for first thing the next morning.

I continued to sit / lay down all night and chug enough water to start growing gills. And the BH almost completely went away.

I explained what happened at to my wonderful doctor the next morning and her response?

When I told you to walk a little every few hours, I meant around your living room. To the bathroom and back. I didn’t mean go walk TARGET! 

Point made my dear. Point made.

Side note. I happened to get to see my favorite doc. I asked her what would happen if I went into labor and she wasn’t there. I (rationally) decided that we’d just go home and come back in when she was on call. She laughed at me. She thought I was joking…

So, I was sent home with instructions to keep drinking all the water I can find, and not really do much more than shower / do dishes / move around the house. And as long as the BH stay under control in the meantime, we’re good!

Nice lesson, Target. Real nice. So, we rest. We don’t go adventuring. And we get these babies to stay where they are for 8 more weeks! Challenge accepted.

What else happened this week?

We’re very excited to be teaming up with Pink Blush Maternity! Finding a good robe for the hospital + nursing was a huge check mark on my list of things to do, and this week – check! I can’t wait to share more when I do a hospital bag post soon. If you need any maternity clothes / nursing wear, be sure to check out Pink Blush!

A few extra nursery items came in the mail today and we were able to get the cribs made and ready for sleeping babes!

Something else that came in the mail? Our LILLEbaby carrier! Naturally it doesn’t fit me so well right now, so we put it on Marshall. His response? I have to wear this thing in public? Yes dear. You sure do. #thatdadlife

LILLEbaby Baby Complete Six Position Carrier Airflow Black | Newborn Carrier | Ergo | Moby Wrap | Must Have Baby Items

Well, that’s all folks! For today anyway…


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