27 weeks and things that smell

happy friday! not that it matters much anymore. I finished work last week; so each day for me seems to be another what can I accomplish today challenge, rather than a day to get through. there is still an upside to fridays though – my husband has two days home now!

lest those days be filled with babies are coming work tasks… I digress. those may never actually end. But this weekend I believe we are going light on the baby babies prep work and enjoying having family in town for a visit!

first stop? Breakfast at Gibby’s. tomorrow morning. there’s not much I look forward to as much as breakfast on the water. spoil me, life. go on.

I had a follow up today at the OB after a few yellow flags pointed to pre-eclampsia, and I’m super duper thank the lord excited to say I’ve been cleared of the threat of the b word!

that would be bed-rest. I don’t accept it. not one bit.

so for now, all is super fine and dandy and the three of us get to continue our days as the good lord intended for pregnant women – in the pool.

following a very chipper (I kid) conversation about the odds of a c-section, and a light trace of acceptance about my weight gain, I was cleared to not be seen for three weeks! Which is a gift, considering that I’ll have an appointment at the i’m special baby doctor between now and then anyway. (twins automatically = high risk in the great state of NC, so a specialist we shall see. every two weeks. insert excitement here)

this week I noticed that my sense of smell is, in fact, way more apparent than it used to be. so when marsh walked in from a bike ride tonight (we live on the coast in NC. it’s a crisp cool 100F here today) smelling like a dead skunk of the landfill inhabiting sort, I promptly had him shower. twice. and I’m now considering cleaning the shower.

but a few other things have gotten me recently with this new sense of smell I’ve got.

is the oven on? I can smell it.

did someone just open a bag of cheese? (from across the restaurant, at work)

that time marshall opened the bottle of bbq sauce #ripsweetbabyrays #vomit

I don’t hate the sense of smell. it’s just weird.

I’m also noticing each week that I’m slowing down just a little bit more. rolling over in bed is comical enough. but the process to get in and out of a chair? way more entertaining.

bending over? non existent. If it can’t get sucked up by the vacuum, it’s staying on the floor.

stubbing my toes + whacking my belly on things. I can’t see my toes, and it’s almost as if that’s caused me to forget they are there entirely. they’ve all been stubbed. none have been broken… yet. and the belly whacking! YIKES! It’s like I forget that I don’t fit in spaces anymore. doors are the main culprit. also when trying to get out of someone’s way, it’s no longer most efficient to turn sideways. this now makes things worse. #awkward

well, that’s it for today! any funny pregnancy symptoms that drive you nuts? I’d love to hear about it. come on… make me feel a bit more normal…

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