26 weeks + nursery paint!

How far along: 26 WEEKS!
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Baby Size:2 lbs and 14 inches each! About the size of a Bowling Pin! 

Weight gain: Yep. Yes. Unfortunately. And boy do I feel it!

Maternity clothes: Would you believe you can outgrow maternity clothes? We’re getting there. I am still LOVING the a.n.a. maternity tanks! It might be time to buy more, in a size up…
Stretch marks: Yep. But I had stretch marks when I was swimming and in great shape. So I’m used to them and not particularly worried about it. They are, however, getting worse. Hopefully they go away down the road!
Sleep: Not at all. I’ve resorted to constant napping. My night of sleep is made up of a few hours asleep, then an hour or two awake, then a few hours asleep, and so on. Thankfully I’m a lot more comfortable since we got our new 4Sleep mattress… but sleeping through the night is long gone. Which I might as well get used to! 
Gender: one BOY & one GIRL! And oh my goodness do we have the cutest clothes for each of them… and plenty of them! I’ve gone through 170 hangers. And I have 2 boxes of clothes we haven’t put away yet. I don’t even know how to continue!
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Movement: Yes! And, Marshall finally felt them move! I say them because we never actually know which one is moving… Also Marshall thought it was really cool that he first felt them move (actually they were straight up boxing in there) on Independence Day. #happy4thofjuly

Best moment this week: We announced their names!!! Also the nursery paint is finished, the clothes are washed and hung, and the car seats are installed! It’s been a whirlwind of a week! 

Looking forward to: Friday was my last day at work, so now I’m looking forward to having the next *hopefully* 10 weeks to get ready for babies! 
Food cravings: Anything edible. Seriously I’m constantly hungry. I think these babies are draining my metabolism and my energy!
  Anything making you queasy or sick: Not foods, although I do notice that I have quite the nose! I do seem to be back to getting car-sick very easily. That’s not my favorite…
What I miss: Energy. I have none. 
Symptoms: All the typical aches and pains, I think! Our new mattress has helped, but I certainly still feel it throughout the day. And my feet remind me at night…
Nursery: Painted! Take a peek! We’ll share a few more details after it’s completely put together.
Coastal Nursery Paint | Coastal Nursery Decor | Beach House Interior | Nursery Design | Nautical Nursery | The Salt Water Wife | Nursery Paint
Belly Button in or out? Usually in! I still think this is weird, but when I use my stomach muscles to sit up or roll over, it pokes out! It’s sooooooo weird!

Wedding rings on or off? Off! And they have been for quite a while. Sad! Between pregnancy swelling and summer heat swelling, they came off safely before I reached a point of having to have them cut off. I can’t wait to put them back on!

Mood: Excited, but also anxious! There are so many things that are starting to worry me… like making it to 35 weeks (avoiding the NICU), possibility of a c-section, how long we’ll be in the hospital, coming home with two… it’s a never ending what if

Workouts: HAH! I make it a point each day to get up and do morning chores. Dishes + clean the kitchen, run a load of laundry, and do a quick pick up. Usually by then I’m totally tanked out. Yesterday we did a Target run, and then a quick trip to Harris Teeter, and it was all I could do to make it through the line at check out and get home. It amazes me every day how easily I get worn out. How often I need to sit down to catch my breath. How little it takes for my feet to swell up like balloons. At this point, making it through the day feels like a workout!

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