24 weeks and baby upgrades!

Let me tell you something. If your mattress was questionably old, and you were considering replacing it… getting pregnant is a sure way to find out for sure! Suddenly our mattress was just not cutting it. Since I found out I was pregnant, my hips and lower back have been a nightmare. At night, every time I would roll over, I would cry. My hips hurt so bad at night that I could hardly stand it.

UPGRADE #1 – Thankfully, mom swooped in and decided our baby gift would be a new mattress and HOLY MOLY GAME CHANGER!

The 4SLEEP mattress is a memory foam option, at a fraction of the cost. I’ve heard about it many times on other blogs, and thought this is a great + affordable way to make a big upgrade in the house! (photo credit of 4SLEEP on Instagram). Thanks, ma!


All I have so far is pros. It comes in a box, right to your front door. No shopping, no scheduling delivery, no creepy men in your house making a mess. Once you take it out of the box, cut open the air tight sealing, it unfolds itself and POOF! Yes literally POOF – you have your new mattress on your bed, ready to go. We’ve only had one night on it so far, but rolling over (less frequently) didn’t hurt at all. Also the million times I get up to pee each night, didn’t seem to wake Marsh. The memory foam on his side kept still while I moved all around. Also – it’s actually HALF the price of a comparable mattress.

UPGRADE #2 – We’re painting! Marsh has finished the closet, the ceiling, and one wall of the nursery. Next we’re finishing the other walls, and trim, and last we will add a sweet beach house touch. I can’t wait to show you pictures! This nursery will be fit for the coast, and I can’t wait to see it all come together!

UPGRADE #3 – Ok… that’s a stretch. It’s not really an upgrade. But in theory, my friend Amanda could totally see it that way! We shared Amanda’s wedding a while back, and now they are so excited to announce that they are expecting a sweet little BOY!

Pregnancy Announcement | Salt Water Wife | Big Brother            Pregnancy Announcement | Salt Water Wife | Big Brother

Aren’t these the sweetest announcements? Amanda and I grew up together, and it’s so exciting to see friends from home having kids around the same time we are. I can’t wait to visit with her and her new son next time we are home!

Overall – everything is going great! We’re happy, healthy, growing like crazy, and enjoying our summer before babies!

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